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hosting .pk3 in skulltag

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I have server access now and im trying to host a skulltag server, but i'm operating on windows 7, and when the file leaves my windows xp computer its a .pk3 skulltag file, and when i send it to the server computer it only shows up as a zip. when i try to load it in skulltag on windows 7 it wont even show up in the directory to select it.
i've tried renaming it as .pk3 and all it does is change the name... like "wad.pk3.zip".

wtf is up with this windows 7? Its one problem after another. I've been working for days to host a skulltag server, and if I could just add the .pk3 then my troubles would be over.

I even tried unzipping the .pk3 into my skulltag directory, and adding all the wads individual, but when i do that, i try to connect to the server from another computer and it says to make sure I have the EXACT wads thats on the server, which were unzipped from the pk3 on that computer also, and they are the exact wads, but it wont allow doom to run.

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I've never used windows 7, but this sounds like the whole "Hide extensions for known filetypes" thing. find out how to turn that setting off, and you should be able to actually change the file extension.

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I knew it was something like that and i googled for 3 hours last night and tried tons of different things it said to do and had no luck. windows 7 has this thing called "compatibility files" if you go to a folder that has a .zip file in it, you have to click compatibility files before the actually file will even show up! you would never know its there. My personal computer still has windows xp pro because it is the ONLY good windows version! I HATE this crap! hell, windows xp was DONE RIGHT. so why the f*** would you change something that was good to begin with! hell, its completely unnecessary some of the stupid crap they have done with windows 7! and little things like this are extremely complicated just because some nerds had to change the system around so much, from a system that was good to begin with! ugh.... ranting... **

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