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Mocha Doom Tech Demo v1.3 (at last!)

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After months since a new "official" release, here is the much (?) awaited v1.3 tech demo release.


Major changes since v1.2:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented it from working on Mac OS X, now it should be OK.
  • Gameplay is now mostly functional, and you can shoot, open doors,
    activate switches etc. thanks to _D_'s contributions
  • Monsters now react and attack.
  • It's now possible to play almost any level to its end, and even complete episodes.
  • Several crashes and bugs fixed.
  • Several monster actions and player weapons fixed and correctly implemented.
  • Added more limit-removing features to the engine, partial support for extended DEUTEX lumps in PWADs.
There are still some features that haven't made it into the "official" codebase, like speed throttling, savegames and sound, networking, proper graphics scaling etc. but I'm working on them.

In the mean, this is a quite major release compared to v1.2, mainly because finally you can actually play the game almost normally, change levels, use switches, etc. What's more important, it finally starts to feel like DOOM.

You can even try to see how it will cope with NUTS.WAD on your system ;-)

Remember that this is mostly a "vanilla-like" port, and thus won't work with Boom-format PWADs. However it has quite a lot of limit removing features built-in, and thus has some tolerange for overly complex vanilla-format levels.

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Great work Maes, I'll give it a shot tonight.

You mentioned gameplay is "mostly functional". Out of curiosity, what does not work yet?

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Great work! Quite a milestone release.
I'd love to have that speed throttling feature though, it's currently unplayably fast.

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Yay, I've been waiting for a new release for a while, great job!
It does seem a lot more functional now but yeah, without any throttling it's really hard to play even on the easy difficulties because of all the lightspeed monsters moving all over the place. :P
Still, progress is progress and it's looking really good so far. Keep it up!

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Triple_sSs said:

without any throttling it's really hard to play even on the easy difficulties because of all the lightspeed monsters moving all over the place. :P

LOL I just tested it on a friend's iMac and the speeds are really ludicrous: the serial/parallel benchmarks get 230/300 fps, and even using doom2.wad and nuts.wad is still nearly unplayable from the (too high!) speed :-D

Yeah, I should definitively throw some throttling in ;-) What was really awesome -even for me- was to see how it worked with the same exact "executable" across three different platforms, with consistent behavior, and stellar performance compared to e.g. Doom in Flash, or that PC emulator written in Java that runs doom.exe ;-)

@AlexMax: details are in the readme, but on top of my head it's mostly visual details, and certain subsystems like saving/loading. Keep in mind that I need to bring in _D_ networking subsystem (which is intimately tied with the timing/speed throttling code). The game can still be played (and finished!) without them, but with major inconveniences.

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