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More new monsters?

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Hi everyone! Anyone know where to find extra monsters to use in my Boom/Zdoom maps? I know about Realm 667 (what a brilliant resource site!) and the monster resource wad which seems to just include monsters from the Realm 667 bestiary.

If not, is it possible to simply recolour existing monsters? Lazy I know but it would allow me to keep a Doom feel to my upcoming wad based on the Horus Heresy, so for example I could have "Plague Knights" which are Nurgle Hell Knights, maybe slower but much tougher than the original, then on the Khorne map I could have like a Berserker Knight and so forth? I just thought people might be sick of seeing Realm 667 monsters.

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I think people would rather see completely unique monsters for each Choas God rather than the same ones with slightly different stats.

They also don't nesscerilly have to be all new; the original monsters are all great guys and could work. Say, Revenant's for Nurgle, Hell Knights for Khorne, Arch Viles for Tzeentch and Mancubus for Slaanesh.

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