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zdoom RPG script

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I dont know a lot about acs, but ive tried to attach this script to a wad I was messing with in db2 and the acc will not compile the script, but I dont see any error with the script. matter of fact, ive used this script in a previous wad using db1 and it worked just fine.
I've updated the acc and it still wont compile.

Anyone got any suggestions???

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It looks like a malformed use of the HudMessage function on lines 109-110:

	HudMessage(s:OPEN_XP, d:xp, s:OPEN_FSLASH, d:xp2lv[lv+1],
		HUDMSG_FADEOUT, 1, CR_BROWN, 0.99, 0.70, 2.0);
That last comma on the first of those two lines should be a semicolon, to seperate the text from the rest of the function's parameters.

Change it to this
	HudMessage(s:OPEN_XP, d:xp, s:OPEN_FSLASH, d:xp2lv[lv+1];
and it should work properly. With that change, I got it to compile, at least. I don't know if there are any other bugs in the code though.

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well great. apparently someone took it upon themselves to go into the wiki and update the code. unfortunatly, although the code compiles correctly now, the scrip doesnt work properly at all.

// xp = Player experience, lv = Player level,
// nextlv = Next level, hp = Player health,
// ar = Player armor, xp2lv = number of xp
// required for each level
int xp = 0, lv = 1, nextlv = 2, hp = 100, ar = 0;
str gained = "";
int xp2lv[10] = {50, 125, 250, 450, 675, 900, 1200, 1500, 2000,

this script shows that for level 1 the xp should be 50, lvl 2 125, and so on. However, when you start the game, you start with lvl.1 and it says xp 0/250 which makes no sense whatsoever.
secondly, when you kill enemies, it doesnt give you any experience at all.
and when you reach 250, it doesnt give you a new level it just makes you keep getting xp over 250. like xp 300/250

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