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Doom ZX Spectrum music

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This ZIP file contains four songs, from the (in?)famous ZX Spectrum adaptation of Doom.

The songs are composed by two ZX Spectrum demoscene composers by the names of Joe and Sauron (the links point to their zxtunes.com pages, where you can listen to more of their work).

To rip these to MP3, I had to go kind of roundabout : since my computer mysteriously lacks a Stereo Mix setting (something about my motherboard, I think?), I had to install Vortex Tracker II (it plays the PT2 and ASC files that can be downloaded from zxtunes.com; you can also listen to them directly on the site) on my netbook and plug it in with an end-to-end 3.5mm audio cable from the netbook's headphone port to my computer's microphone port.

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I've never played the ZX port of DOOM, but these are pretty neat, especially the one Joe composed. Not very DOOM-like, but still very cool. Somebody needs to use these in a mod, or maybe even remake them.

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Chip tunes rock. I always preload chipdoom.wad or chipdm2.wad when using prboom. Some of the songs get crazy loud at some points though, and I don't know if it's possible to normalize the volume (these are Impulse Tracker, btw).

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