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I've just come accross this...

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So, I had been editing a community map, and I made a self-referencing sectored MIDGRATE door with a switch which opens it with Action #112: S1 Door Open Stay Fast.

Then, I opened the door and I was wandering around for a while. Soon, I saw that in place of the MIDGRATE door, there's a 128x128 square of HOM. I replayed the map and was waiting there. 2 minutes later after the switch was activated, the door slammed back by itself. I've been looking around in the editor whether there are any other lines and actions referencing to tag 1, which the door was tagged by, but there weren't any.

Tell me if it's a common bug or anyone of you are familiar with this.

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If vanilla then yes, probably a bug that sometimes create a blocking HOM thing, although I don't know why, I'm not professional.

It happened to me once I was playing a map in an old Zdoom version, while wandering suddenly a blocking HOM appeared in front of me, and I turned and another one trapped me. Once I replayed it never showed up.

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Actually how it does. Maybe I had better just remove the door.

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