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Halting State by Charles Stross

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So I recently read 'Halting State' by Charles Stross, and I would describe it as a smart, cynical, humorous techno thriller.

Now you may wonder why I posted this in Doom General, rather than in Everything Else.

Well, because, my fine Doomworlders, if you cast your eyes across this pic of the books' cover:

you will find a review by John Carmack, (Technical Director, iD software and creator of Doom and Quake) right smack in the middle there. The book is all written in the Second Person, which gets kinda weird sometimes, but I have read a bunch of Charles Stross books, and they are generally awesome.

So if you like books like this, then read this book now. Recommended by John Carmack!!! And By Me!!!

*Sorry mods if the connection between Doom and this book is a little too tenuous to have posted in the 'Doom-General' Forum.

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