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Herculine's Doom Upgrade

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skaman86 said:

Very neat! I like this alot.


As I said in the blog, I'm %99 certain this will be the final version, and sure enough right after uploading it and posting links in this forum and the DRD / GZDoom forum, I noticed a small bug or two.

The Sawed-Off doesn't seem to have a pick-up sound effect, and the armor shards don't seem to be working right. That's actually not so minor, but it can be fixed.

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Very nicely done! I've been having a blast playing through Doom 2, presents a very fresh feel to the game. Nice work! Haven't had any problems with ridiculous randomness, yet.

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Thanks and thanks.

When I posted this thread I actually thought I was finished with this, but as it turns out I'm still tweaking it here and there. Keep an eye on the blog for updates, though. I hope to have the REAL finished version done within the next week or two. Thanks for the encouragement!

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The final version of the mod is now available!

It's still in the "incoming" folder of the Archives, so for now it can only be downloaded through links found on my blog:


There you will also find more info about the mod itself.


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