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Vanilla Crashylift

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A colleague of mine is working on a vanilla map and has encountered a rather "fun" crash bug that results from using the "Floor Lower to Lowest (change texture+type)" linedef action. Somehow we've managed to run into a setup that works fine on Boom-based ports but botches in vanilla, resulting in a refusal to change the texture and an "unknown type ####" crash when attempting to walk over it.

I've isolated the problem area as a simple test wad (E1M1). To demonstrate, walk over to the switch, flip it, and walk through the door that opens. Observe what happens to the sector lowering behind you -- in vanilla, the floor does not change and jumping down results in a crash. I've tried removing the raise action beforehand, but the crash still happens regardless.

Anyhow, I'm stumped. Any vanilla experts out there happen to know what engine quirk is causing trouble and how to go about fixing it?

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Heh, I thought this was the name of a map you were working on.

Chocolate Doom doesn't crash (unless I'm doing it wrong). I don't have vanilla installed right now.

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I believe I have fixed it.


I noted this in the unofficial doom specs section 4-3-2 and modified the map accordingly ...

"The NUMERIC model gets the info from the sector on the other side of the lowest numbered two-sided linedef that has one side in the tagged sector."

So linedef 37 is now linedef 2, the lowest 2 sided line attached to sector 4 and also attached to sector 0. Previously, linedef 3 was the lowest 2 sided linedef on the other side of sector 4 and was not assigned to the target sector.

It would appear that modern source ports are forgiving of this.

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That's weird as hell -- why is it even checking linedefs that border sectors whose heights don't match the new height? I thought the numeric model was supposed to decide which sector's properties to copy if there are more than one that match the target height.

Either way, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks muchly, hawkwind. ;)

@NaturalTvventy: Yeah, 'tis a cool map. the guy who made it is totally bonkers. Not sure how he pulled it off. :P

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