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Looking for a doom poster/advertisement

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I've come across a cool doom picture in the past, but can't seem to find it now that I'm actually looking for it. Not sure if it's a poster or an advertisement.

It has the background from the master levels cover but with a kind of blue tint to it. Says Doom on top of course. And has the monsters at the bottom.

I think it might have been for a collection of the doom games package. I want to use it for a custom title pic.

Anyone know which picture I'm talking about and where I can find a nice resolution copy of it?


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no. Not that, but similar.

Almost exactly the same only a little more blue I think, the edges are cropped a little bit more and the monsters are kinda faded into the bottom under the big skull.

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I found a slightly larger, darker blue one with TinEye, but I didn't find any variants with monsters.

[edit:Here's another variant, with some screenshots at the bottom. Probably still not what you're looking for, though.]

[edit 2: Heh, that's actually the back of the box. Nevermind.]

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So do you remember which monsters were at the bottom? Were they sprites from the game, or were they those ape-looking demons from the original cover art, or were they something else?

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It was all the monsters I'm pretty sure. Cyber demon and spider mastermind in the middle if I recall correctly. They were the actual sprites from the game.

It was almost exactly like this:


Only I could have sworn it had a blue tint to it, the monsters were in color, and there was no "dare survive..."

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