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Speedmapping level: 2-hour base (now on /idgames)

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Katamori said:

Thank you!

Anybody else?

I hate giving bad feedback but when i played it I thought you might've spent most of the 2 hours detailing :(

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Okay, so the level is fun, but It's wayyyyyy too easy. I beat on NM on my second try, here's a demo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3f4qzd6ddvhparb/k2hourNM.lmp

You should take out AT LEAST HALF THE HEALTH, and both soul spheres need to go.

Unfortunately I never felt threatened at all, even on NM.

When I speedmap too, I could care less about detail. I want the gameplay to be good and challenging, Katamori: Your assignment should you choose to accept it, is to make a map in 2 hours or less, with the same detail level or lower as original doom 2 and make the gameplay fun.

Who gives two shits about a good looking level if the gameplay is bad right?

I'm not saying its a bad level though. just too easy. Good luck on your assignment.

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Yeah i agree with DoomHero, sorry if my comment sounded like a harsh remark or something, i can see how i might've come across as a douche, I basically meant what Doomhero just said.

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