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Beneath the Fallen, new map!

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hello guys, just finshed my new map Beneath the fallen. took me over 2 weeks to create in 2/3 hour sessions. lots of monsters to slay over 400), only one difficulty been set so far UV (as thats all i play :D).

map has an undreground tech feel using the uac ultra textures.

source ports required only tested on skulltag an gzdoom.

hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it.

would like some C&C please, anything i could improve on? was there enugh health and ammo? did you find all the secrets?

i wanted to post some cool SS but there is a problem with my screenshots as shown here

hopfully my map shot will persuade you all!

Download link!


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Figures we would release a wad called "beneath" at the same time. I'll check this out.

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Lol yeah I noticed it befor lol, I'll have a look at your map when I get home

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Just played it,

It looks like it's gonna be really atmospheric and it would be with:

- new music

- new enemies

I don't think it mixes well with the classic doom monsters as the whole look of the level is completely different to classic doom.

I thought the architecture was brilliant, it was way too detailed for me but I know that's how it's meant to be and alot of people will like the detail.

If it had scary music and new monsters it would be like a whole new game, almost quite Doom 3 like in appearance

I don't mean this to sound negative as it's technically a great map but it feels like it belongs in a TC

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yeah thats where the exit is, just gotta do the yellow key door there is a switch that will open the exit door. yeah its meant to be dark but maybe its darker on other peoples computers, i play with the legacy lighting, if its too dark ill brighten it up a bit

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debating if to go back on this map an re-work it over like removing pointles mobs and making flow a lot better?

some more comments would be nice

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I personally loved it- made me think of Doom 3. Very dark- at some points too dark. Great textures. Gameplay could use a bit more work- place a few more zombie men or seargents in wide open areas. I feel it flows very well actually. I think it could be up for a Caco award.

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