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horror doom

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i think it would be fun to use today's inexpensive camera technology
and green screen kits you can buy to make hi res photos for sprites
in doom

kind of like the ghouls forest but better, with better zombies that
could scare the living crap out of any one who had one pop out at them

you could use costumes with masks or clay sculptures

it could be the best doom ever!

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There's a new WAD that was released recently called DOOM.WAD, it has what you're looking for.

Just kidding. It's a good idea, but I think it's been done before.

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thx alot

but you have to wonder how scary could you make doom with
an idea like this

use of the proper lighting and the right music
and as before custom sprites you could make your friends pee themselves
(hopefully not in your chair lol!)

i would use a outdoor scene under dark lighting
(but not too dark ya know)
sfx would be important too and the ai of the monsters would have to
be redone to accomplish the needed suspenseful atmosphere
for example it would move slowly when you are seen and trys to stay out
of your sight range so it may make a rushing like attack that i say
should be highly damaging as to add more suspense

like i said i would love to see this happen!!!!

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Finding a way to make monsters so that they avoid being seen might be interesting...I have no idea how you'd implement it though.

Also, you don't have to press the
return key in mid-sentence, as
it breaks up the flow of
things, takes up space and
me of somebody we'd all
rather not remember.

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Stupid Bunny: Whowhowho?
I once read about the more likely someone is to read text broken up into small paragraphs, but I get the space thing. Maybe we could reduce the font size - natural selection for those who don't have 5 by 5 vision :P

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