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How do YOU choose YOUR Texture placements?

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A little subject that interests me, and it brings out the artist in all of us,

How do YOU choose your texture placements?

When you've just finished mapping that lovely piece of architecture, what makes you choose the textures you either make it or break it with?

It would be great to hear EVERYONE's secret formulas for this ;)

share your logic:

by colour?
By sensicle placements?
By theme?
By going through every single flat or texture till one meets your very high standards?
By random selection?
By choosing a few main ones and only using them?


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Mostly theme, but I also go through every texture till one catches my eye. However, working with Xodus, that's a bit tedious as I'm using 3 texture packs of very large proportions x.x So for that, it's a mixture of color and randomizing as well. I guess it really depends on what I'm mapping, but the main thing is theme.

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Actually, I do it the other way around. I think about what type of architectural structures I want to build, then find a texture (or set of textures) that will work well with the idea. If there doesn't seem to be anything that fits well with the idea, I import some custom textures to fill the role, or move on to the next idea. If a structure is not deemed critically important to the visuals, or it's a very flexible structure (in terms of texture fittings), I might create it without immediately considering texture use and texture it as I go along.

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Much of the time, I actually pick the textures and flats that I want to use for different areas before I lay down any meaningful architecture. Smaller detail elements tend to get built and then textured later, but I like to decide the main textures for the bigger structural elements before I even touch the editor.

I've never liked to limit myself to specific textures, but it can be helpful to pick several main ones so that the level has some visual consistency. Sticking to a defined theme is usually good for the same reason, but subverting that guideline can lead to more interesting maps that very room-to-room.

Working within those limits, I like to base my texturing primarily around colors and contrast. Its nice to find textures that fit well onto the structures that they cover, but this tends to be less of a concern in practice since you can improve the placement by either modifying the architecture, or changing the texture to something that fits better.

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