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Ports that *don't* support in-game server joining

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This may sound odd but I want a list of every doom source port that doesn't support in-game server joining, allows to have server-side toggles on features like mouse-look, crouch, jump, and the ability to replace graphics (if those features exist at all) and despite all this, has very stable multi-player support (preferably more then 4 players).

From what I seen so far:

Chocolate doom (limited to 4-players in multiplayer, among other things)
(G)Zdoom (multiplayer in Zdoom based ports [aside from skulltag, zdaemon and odamex; which supports in-game server joining, which is the main thing I'm trying to avoid] is said to be not so stable. Also, the other not-wanted features exist in this port. not sure if they can be turned off server-side)

Is there anything else that might fit these specifications?

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I always use ZDoom for multi player. If the connection is stable and you use -extratic, generally you wont have any sync problems.

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