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Anima Zero

Vanguard demos [-complevel 9]

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Map07 Pacifist 3:41

The problem with pacifist on this map is cyber usually dies too fast.
I remember I did similar pacifist run on ngmvmt1 map03, but I can't find the lmp lol.


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Map 07 UV-Fast 1:05

Ugly-looking run. I think I had two 1:06s, one 1:07, two 1:08s, like three 1:09s, and even a 1:03 with a missed monster. Most of those were sexier-looking. :D I played BTSX E1M1 on Nightmare, and this on -fast, and I think that's my lifetime fast-projectile experience.

Optimal is probably like 0:59 but I've had enough of this map for now. Pretty amazing that you got 1:09, GC, while doing the first stage so leisurely.


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