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Anima Zero

Vanguard demos [-complevel 9]

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Map07 Pacifist 3:41

The problem with pacifist on this map is cyber usually dies too fast.
I remember I did similar pacifist run on ngmvmt1 map03, but I can't find the lmp lol.


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Map 07 UV-Fast 1:05

Ugly-looking run. I think I had two 1:06s, one 1:07, two 1:08s, like three 1:09s, and even a 1:03 with a missed monster. Most of those were sexier-looking. :D I played BTSX E1M1 on Nightmare, and this on -fast, and I think that's my lifetime fast-projectile experience.

Optimal is probably like 0:59 but I've had enough of this map for now. Pretty amazing that you got 1:09, GC, while doing the first stage so leisurely.


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Map02 UV Max/Reality in 7:23



Actually I don't know how to get into those secrets... so I need to do an SR50 jump and an awkward jump and wasted some time there. Also, it's kind of difficult to clear the Blue Key area because it's an open area. I was pretty lucky in this run because I got shot at twice in the open but neither of those hit me. Sometimes I'm paranoid about hitscanners wandering around, so I progressed quite slowly.

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Map07 UV Max/Reality in 3:56



Since you don't have a hitscan weapon at the beginning, it's sort of difficult to eliminate the Shotgunner horde. I sort of make a "fence" using the Plasma Rifle to kill them right in the corner. Then pick off the remaining ones with the Shotgun. Ideally the Mancubi can kill the Cyberdemon for me, but I am afraid of being cornered by them, so I killed some of them manually.

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