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Such fun

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Ali G is a persona adopted by Sacha Baron-Cohen, a Cambridge graduate turned copmedy genius.

He is convinced he is black, speaks like Esco, only he is taking the piss, and humiliates famous people.

We love him!

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I have to confess, I find Ali-G DULL.

It's not that he isn't funny. It's not that the idea isn't clever. It's not that it wasn't well implemented.

But, you know that expression once is funny, twice is not?

The act has been relying on basically the same joke for years now. Sure, it got bigger, it had more airplay, better timeslots, more "important" people got wound up, but it's still the same joke. It's about as fresh as "All your base" now.

What's more, I got really pissed off with kids coming into my class yelling Boyakasha and snapping thier fingers. Still most of them realise it's becoming passé now and don't do it anymore.

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I'm great at parties.

Oh yes, people are positively queuing at the door to hear my latest take on the tax laws, or maybe discussing the best route between Tunbridge wells and Stains avoiding all major road works.

And my monologue on the bus services of Great Britain knocks 'em dead every time.

Don't get me started on the weather, do you actually know how many types of rain there are...


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huh. The i've only seen Ali G twice.

-In that Madonna video

-as Fodder's avitar.

see what happens when you sleep too much?

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