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Tactical Chainsaw, Stocked Player and Pistol Start Enforcer

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All require ZDoom to work. I'd imagine the derivative ports are fine too, as long as they are up-to-date.

Download: http://www.phobus.servegame.com/doom/ph_stuff.zip

Detailed info is at the bottom of this page: http://www.phobus.servegame.com/doom/contributions.html

Here's a collection of three little mods I've made over time that, together, merit a very minor release. The Tactical Chainsaw (think the Tactical Knife as seen in CoD: Black Ops, but as a chainsaw, with re-usable blades) is the main item of interest, as its quite fun. However the Pistol Start Enforcer should be of interest to a lot of players, as its a very easy way to play through a community megawad with the balance each individual mapper intended it to have on Ultra Violence, and you only lose NIGHTMARE! as a flip-side. The Stocked Player wad is very minor, and the only real use is that it gives the option to start the game with an advantage - useful if you can handle a hard map once you've got the kit, but the start is starved of ammo or something, for example.

Hope these are of some use/entertainment value to you all!

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