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Wads with team mates?

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Hey, does anyone know any wads that have 'team fighting' in them, such as Torm did in TNT04a? I love the idea of a bunch of marines helping you attack a demonic base or castle or whatever, but TUTNT is the only wad ive ever came across that has this element in it. Having actual team mates in large battles can have a far better atmosphere. Anybody know any wads or even single map downloads like this? DONT meantion skulltag, im lookin for wads with AI friendlies.

Idea's are appreciated :)

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If you had a wad with some marines as enemies you could use ZDoom and in console type "summonfriend marineplasma" or something.

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DeathevokatioN and Memfis, thanks alot for the ideas, ill download them now :)

xvertigox i used to do that, but they fights arent that good without the 'thing_hate' command, got boring after a while :P

Any more wads out there, id still like to know about them so im still open to more ideas :)

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