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2 questions about Shadow Caster

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1. I watched the Shadow Caster ending on YouTube, and at the very end the grandfather puts his hand on Kurt's back, but it was red and had claws. Was this supposed to look sinister, like he was a monster in disguise? Or was he just partially transformed into a dragon due to being a shape-shifter?

2. Did that terrible I.M. Meen game run on the Shadow Caster engine? From footage of it, it sure looks like it.

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1. No idea. I guess it was meant to be ominous, a "your grandfather is not your real grandfather DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNN!" reveal; but since the game never had a sequel it doesn't matter.

2. Yeah, I thought so too. If the engine isn't the same, it's one very similar.

3. No.

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Clonehunter said:

Is this the game with the naked Sailor Moon?

By that do you mean that weird "secret" in one of the Whispers of Satan maps?

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