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Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

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I actually tried that at some point and I was more consistently quick with SR40, but I started doing the nomo runs specifically to practise SR50. I didn't want to grind SR40 runs when my goal was to get better at SR50, if you know what I mean? I know my movement is choppy in that demo, but hopefully I submit nicer runs in the future.

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Posted (edited)

Since you asked though :)

TNT Map 12 nomo: m12nomo42.06.zip


It's a faster 42 but I couldn't get those last few frames without SR50, for a 41. That said, I'm definitely going to go shave those last few frames with SR50. Maybe sub 41? This is more time than I was intending to spend on this map, but in for a penny, in for a pound.


Edit: I think sub 41 is beyond my abilities, but I definitely want sub 42.

Edit 2: I did it.
TNT Map 12 nomo: m12nomo41.71.zip

Definitely my last demo for that map at the moment, I promise. Moving onto other things.

Edited by olio

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