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Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

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TNT Episode 1 UV-Max in 46:48


Very surprising run here as this came from a failed D2ALL attempt. Pretty happy to finally achieve 46:xx as I couldn't do that even when I was practising Ep1.


Yes, I know it's not a record.



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Posted (edited)

Plutonia Map 25 NM100S in 2:05 Drew DeVore does not use the glide, and he takes the time to clear out the final room. I'm not sure most people know that you can die and the rocket jump will still work. Hype!!



Also, some epic outtakes I saved


-Beating the map but forgetting the secret



-Dead body sliding around the exit



-Can I get an F in the chat for this glide?


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Posted (edited)

TNT: Evilution Map09 UV Max/Reality in 14:18



I successfully ascended myself into another level of stupidity.


If you want to hear my worthless thoughts of this, here's the video.

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