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Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

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10 hours ago, Ryback said:

This one takes me back - TNT Map13 UV-Fast in 5:19


Got you to come out of hiding to take the record, its an honour :)

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TNT Map 13 UV-Fast in 4:50


@Ryback credit to you for sharing your old demo, I had the motivation to make this sub 5 and I did just that. I'd love to see you beat this ;)



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Plutonia Odyssesy of Noises - No Monsters with 100% Secrets

MAP 29 IN 1:20

I hope i can get into the community! :D



Edited by ElTioTom

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Just now, Insomnia said:

sorry, already fixed :)

Sorry I didn't actually click inside... I just found out you put the things inside a folder. Please move them out and don't use a folder. It's better to do everything properly. Otherwise it will have a chance that it's not getting uploaded, and right now it takes a long time to upload/fix things.

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ZeroMaster010, definitely you was in good shape this august! Btw, how do you count your attempts - is it some kind of script or port feature?

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