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Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

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Posted (edited)

TNT Map22 UV-Speed in 18.83




I saw a playthrough of this level by Dario Casali on youtube and the video was so funny that i wanted to see the demos for it, the pacifist one looked interesting so i gave it a try, the hardest thing on this level is timing the moment you need to move in the elevator + not loosing your momentum in that weird room near the pinkies.


Im not very happy with the time i got but i promise that this is harder than it looks. The level is garbage too, my d5da3 map44 cumfart is more playtested than this.



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Posted (edited)

Not for dsda.


Edited by Ks4

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Posted (edited)

wrong topic to post my demo, sorry... can't delete my message? :')

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TNT Map17 UV Max in 2:09.51.

11000 attempts since last PB and I'm finally free from this map. (just wanted a new PB)

Accidentally left the demo recording on the end screen for about a minute, hopefully this is not a problem.


Also, guess I'll start putting these on youtube as well because why not.


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