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Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

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MAP03 UV Speed in 2:40


The opening sections are not too bad, but sometimes it's a little bumpy with the tight corners and hallways. I kill quite a few enemies to prevent infinite height fuckers stopping me at the very end for the strafe jump, which I despise. I've had about six or seven runs get to that point and I failed constantly, mostly because I figured I could just wing it since I already knew it existed and have done it many times a few years ago, but then I got annoyed and reformatted my setup and got it first try afterward, what a waste of my time! Anyways, this run isn't that great, can be quite a lot faster if you kill less, dodge more, get way luckier, and so forth. Either way, it's the first record since 2005, so that's cool! :D



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MAP03 UV Max in 4:32


This took me a bit, but not too long to get. I figured that Slade's run could be improved and felt like I could knock it in a night, so here I am.
I hate everything before the super shotgun because it's annoying and luck filled, especially the demons with the epic 2 or 3 shot RNG, and the imps in the main room often run around in haphazard fashions that make it very confusing as to where you can and can't go from first entering the room. The rest is fairly basic and not much to talk about. The level has lots of thin hallways and corridors that are awkward to move about, so there's lots of bumps that happen. I think the secrets are pretty cheap and lame for the most part as well. The last part with the imps on the slimefall really suck, since they often fuck around. I was very nervous that I didn't kill the Hell Knight at the end and my heart skipped a beat, but then I saw the 100% and was relieved.
I included my previous attempts for funsies.



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MAP03 UV -Fast in 5:41


First and only exit. Fast demons at the start suck, everything else sucks, too. The route and demo are very basic and no real risk is taken much of anywhere, since most of the time when I tried to go faster I just died over and over, so I just decided to be a basic bitch and beat the record by 5 seconds :D



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12 hours ago, Bloodite Krypto said:

MAP25 - UV-Tyson in 39:40




Features hawt Cyber fisting! :>

The time is pretty amazing well done! Especially the cyber, I was completely not mentally prepared to pistol him from this close range.


I'm sad: I was playing this map on this ridiculous category last week and I was very close to beating the map three times.

I'm relieved as well: I can do something else now :)

My failed demos would have been between 60 and 80 minute long so once again congratulations!

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MAP06 UV Speed in 2:09 


Four years ago I dueled Adam for the record on this map, and I was talking about how fun that was and went to go see that Xit Vono had beaten my time just a few months ago! So, I then knew what I needed to do with my evening. 


also included here is a map 11 nomo i forgot i did a while ago



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