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Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

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E1M5 UV-Speed in 0:55 (0:55.77)


So pleased with this time. So many obstructions that take the seconds away + elevator timing.



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Very much looks like it, but you'll need to show us the lmp file to say for certain.


I strongly recommend turning off intercepts overflow emulation (except in those once-in-a-million cases where you are deliberately hoping to make use of it because there is a damage/exit sector). At least that way, your attempt won't get trashed if an intercepts overflow occurs. The demo may not play back with vanilla or chocolate, but at least it will exist.

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Yes, an intercepts overflow occurs around 0:05.09. Linedef 0 is close to the player start position, which helps make overflows more likely as the sergeants will tend to shoot towards it.

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E1M6 UV-Speed in 0:57 (0:57.54)



Too bad I lost some time at that switch where the imps are (near the end).

I might try again someday, but first some other maps. I used crispy doom this time.


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