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Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

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Posted (edited)

E2M1 "Deimos Anomaly" NM100S in 57s


2 second improvement over AdamH's run.


Old demo. I was shooting for 55-56 at the time, but this map just sucks.

Could obviously be improved with better luck in pinky town, but good luck with that.



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Posted (edited)

E4M8 "Unto The Cruel" NM100S in 53s


On 11/5/2015 at 6:11 PM, Gurlugon said:

I think that's the last of the easy E4 NM IL improvements. (IMO)

SAV88 thinks N4M8 could come down to 55 but that level is weaponized anti-fun, so some other maniac can have that one.



Oh, how naive... I was the maniac all along :)


I must have forgot I did this or something. I only just found it again now, a year later.


Also beats the NM-Speed record by 5 seconds (sorry, SAV!!)



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Posted (edited)
On 8/26/2019 at 3:27 PM, JCD said:

E1M1 NMS in 0:18



Video : https://youtu.be/kZ3jCmxd6Xw

Very nice. The wallrun into the lift is sweet. Do you have a consistent method for the early lift drop?


Here's an 18.66 I got while shooting for 17 last year. I think if I hadn't gotten caught on 2 doors and also pressed the exit switch from further away, maybe I could have gotten it...




17 is definitely possible, I can feel it in my bones!


Strangely, DSDA doesn't have stx-vile's 18 from 2005 (the current record).


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