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Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

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Very happy with this :) didn't think I could slice 25 seconds out of the previous record.

Episode 1 UV Max in 19:19 (was 19:44 by Rayzik, 2016)

Demo: ep1-1919.zip



"HELL YES! A VERY good run with many lucky moments (and some unlucky ones). My objective was going below 19m30; didn't expect to beat the 19m20 barrier! This was the result of 3 months of studying and practicing UV Max runs of the levels of episode 1 from January to March. Producing the video for this run also required quite a bit of work and dedication; I hope it gives some insight into what's happening during the run, and what were my thoughts + strategy + techniques."


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E2M4 UV Max in 4:09.03 (was 4:11.54, Xit Vono, 2006)

Demo: e2m4-409.zip


Getting this record, but FAILING the linedef skip means that this time can be improved by 6 more seconds. I believe that getting a time under 4 minutes should be very possible.

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E2M5 UV Max in 4:33.57 (was 4:35.80, Radek Pecka, 2003)

Demo: e2m5-433.zip


GOD DAMN THAT LAST IMP! Could have gotten a 4:29 if the last imp hadn't run away! There were other mistakes in this run, and I had doors closing on my face and blocking my path at least 3 times. So I believe that a time of 4:26 should be possible on this map, with the current route.

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E2M7 UV Max in 3:37.43 (was 3:44.83, Radek Pecka, 2002)

Demo: e2m7-337.zip

Another old record beaten by 7 seconds. I'm a bit surprised that this only took 29 attempts - I got very lucky very early on I guess. Had some lucky moments and several pinkies died in one punch, but there were also some unlucky moments where imps took 2 and 3 punches to die. Also, I did a BIG mistake after the red key and started running the WRONG WAY down the corridor. 2 seconds alone were lost there. With no mistakes and some more luck, a sub 3m30 time should be possible.

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Ultimate Doom Episode 1 UV-Speed in 13:43 13:34

I don't want to be a fool again and post in the wrong thread, but it looks like the Personal Best Demo thread says to post full episode demos here regardless - please let me know if I am wrong!


Demo: ep1-1343.zip ep1-1334.zip




I have some questions regarding timing - to be honest I am not sure if I am getting the correct times, but it is quite late where I am so I will ask them tomorrow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


EDIT: Ahhhh I did the timing wrong! I used crispy doom's timer because that was easier to see than the 1-frame of the end screens that I mashed through. I believe that I am now timing correctly and have updated this post. Also, added video

Edited by thearst3rd : Added video. Previous edit was to fix time

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I did a Episode 1 UV Respawn run in 28:12. This is my first time recording and posting a demo to the forums. I had fun doing this, it was a fun challenge. I hope more people try this category out, this category doesnt get enough love.


This was recorded using Chocolate Doom 3.0.0


The rest of the important info is in the TXT file.


Previous Edit: Corrected the file code


EDIT: I looked at the demos on the DSDA and there are plenty of UV Respawn ILs for each episode. Just not movies, Archy is the only one who has a UV Respawn movie for episode 2. So I apologize for not looking it up before hand. Which means whenever my demo does go up on the DSDA itll be the first UV Respawn movie for episode 1. I will do the other episodes but Im currently working on doing collector runs.



Edited by CWP24 : Added youtube video version

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