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Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

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On 5/1/2021 at 11:08 PM, Kokrovan said:

Episode 1 6:28 (Personal best, it's not the wr).


post these in pb demos thread

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3 minutes ago, alps said:

post these in pb demos thread


Quoting from the first post of that thread, emphasis mine:


Therefore, here's a general purpose PB thread, so post all your non-record PBs here. Hopefully concentrating them all here might also lead to conversations on improving your techniques and patronage from veterans that's missing when a new player's demos are scattered all over the place.


The notable exception is movies (episode or full runs), which should always go to the official thread even when they're "mere" PBs. They're the crowning achievement of Doom speedrunning and everyone needs to know!

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E3M1 Stroller 1:25.86 e3m1str125.zip


Not sure, why haven't this been done before. It's barely different than pacifist. That being said, this level is super annoying, and the worst part is, that I would probably have to beat E3M9 at some point.

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On 6/8/2021 at 3:53 PM, Coincident said:

Episode 3 UV Max in 17:21 (was 24:46 by Radek Pecka, 2001)


Demo: ep3-1721.zip



UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY AND FOCUSED RUN! I'm SO happy to have gotten this time! I was aiming for a sub 18m run, but ended up getting sub 17m30! This beats the previous, 20-year-old world record, by over 7 minutes. Radek Pecka's 24m46 was a good starting point to study the route and think through what needed to be done to get this episode cleared 100%, as fast as possible. All of the ILs that I had done previously were also immensely helpful. Even though playing continuously is very different from the ILs, because of weapons and ammo being carried over, many small tricks from the ILs made their way into this episode run. There were many major routing improvements, concerning ammo usage, kill order, and pick-up order; as well as many minor tweaks to the movement paths accumulated over the 40+ hours I spent grinding this episode; which is, at the time of this writing, my most invested run ever.

More comments per map and splits in the text file.

Nice one man! I really love your YouTube content! Keep it up.


Also hope you do another Sunlust like WAD again soon. (I asked you this on YouTube I think) :)

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E3NM100S 8m14s.zip


Hey Guys! This is my first time posting but I achieved a really solid NM-100S run of Episode 3 just yesterday! I want to improve to a sub 8 minute time sometime soon but this was a really cool run!


Here is my video:



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