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Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

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8 hours ago, kimo_xvirus said:

E3M1 UV Max in 1:00.11



I hope people don't feel intimidated by my long txt, I was just in the mood for blabbering :-)

What a comeback, welcome back. :) I also question your choice of run to return to. :^)

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Episode 2 UVMAX in 24:02 (-41)




Holy shit, this one was a biggie. The first map being RNG heavy, along with this being the first time I've ever ran E2 meant this required 1058 attempts to hit this run. Under 24 is more than possible, but I'm now done :)


Routing changes -


E2M2: Moved Counter clockwise instead of clockwise, using fists instead of plasma, which is roughly the same speed. Occasionally causes stragglers. Used fists instead of rockets on the room with the three pinkies, as it saves three rockets and is roughly the same speed.

E2M3: Far more aggressive first room, picking up the berserk immediately and focusing on pinkies and taking a specific route that causes infighting.

E2M4: I do not do the lindef skip, as due to the setup time + fact it causes you to miss out on a box of rockets is actually slower. I use the plasma saved from E2M2 to take out the lost souls quickly.

E2M5: I trigger the monsters in the first main room before dealing with the room with three imps in it. This groups them all together near the bottom of the left hand stairs, letting me trigger the Barrons quicker without worrying about the smaller monsters triggering infighting with the caco + barrons. I use Machine gun on the "Imp + shotgunners" trap as it's on average faster due to the incidental damage being done due to infighting. I use the extra rockets from E2M2 and E2M4 to wipe out the pinkies in the blue armor room faster.

E2M6: I use rockets to kill the first barron faster, saved from E2M4. I don't clear out the imps fully before going to the fake exit, instead choosing to kill the imps on my way back.

E2M7: Used machine gun on the final rooms of imps for safety, as I was 40+ seconds ahead of my PB at that point. Beserk is faster but riskier.


Map  - Time - Map vs Record, Total time vs Record

E2M1 - 1:31 +(0) +(0)

E2M2 - 3:27 -(8) -(8)

E2M3 - 2:03 -(9) -(17)

E2M4 - 3:40 -(4) -(21)

E2M5 - 4:06 -(7) -(28)

E2M9 - 0:50 -(1) -(29)

E2M6 - 4:08 -(17) -(46)

E2M7 - 3:50 +(9) -(37)

E2M8 - 0:27 -(4) - (41)



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Bainshie-Doom, such a high-octane run! Just beautiful. There's nothing quite like the original episode UV-max runs.

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E3M4 stroller in 1:36



I hope someone can add this to the speed archive. About 4890 attempts. Feels kind of absurd to struggle so much in a map that can be breezed through in about a minute. I have a big route change -- compared to the previous record -- in not collecting the first invulnerability. If I had not had all the small moments of bad luck, this could've been 1:2x, but I'll leave improving this for someone else, I'm happy with this time.

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E1M7 UV-Tank in 4:10


Could get under 4:10 had I not missed some shots and mistakes like E1M6. Also, that Imp made me confused on that Blue key pickup that alerted the nearby ambush monsters which I was supposed to kill with rocket. That could save some time. Nevertheless, this map was fun and I felt kinda easier than the previous ones.

Edited by Yousuf Anik

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E1M9 UV-Tank in 3:28



The last one from this episode, I thought it was harder but after some planning on my own it looked easy and I finally got a better run. Next one is big, the whole episode UV-Tank run so this is exciting for me :)

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