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skulltag translocator

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would it be possible to make a mod for skulltag that would add something similar to the translocator from unreal tournament? one of my friends and i had so much fun doing translocator jousting trying to telefrag each other in UT, and want to do it in doom. of course it would look a bit more hellish looking.

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For those who don't know, Translocators are portable teleporters. You shoot a small device (or in terms of the original Unreal, throw a grenade-like device [beta]) to somewhere you want to be, then alt fire to teleport to a destination. You can even telefrag people / bots / monsters with it.

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This should be possible with ST's current featureset, I believe. The only tricky part is ensuring that each translocator projectile has a unique TID to ensure the teleport, but that just means that you'll have to use a little ACS.

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