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Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

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Wow, you are crazy :-) Congratulations! I have to take vacation just to watch this run :-)

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dew confirmed not dank enough for these memes

Gusta said:

Congratulations! I have to take vacation just to watch this run :-)

Vacation from all the ksutra2 doombuilding, eh? ;)

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Map24 Tyson 39:01


Time is very bad, I had about 25 minutes when doing test runs with saves.

There are two problems with tysoning this map.

First is hell knight in sewers. If you don't kill it first time then it will block the entrance.

So I changed Aqfaq's route to get berserk much earlier and punch it quickly.

Second is spider mastermind. It's possible to stuck it when it fights with mancubi but it's too tricky for a long run.

My plan was to aggro it to baron, then stuck and punch it.

In this run I wasted some time not realizing spider already somehow was aggroed.

And of course infights was awful and I almost run out of ammo. In was never a problem in test runs.



Edited by GrumpyCat : description

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AV 14 tysoned. Hardest tyson I've ever done, although it feels easy now that it is done. It did not take many tries, but planning it and having the patience to actually record it took some time. Also, each failed attempt took some time and nerves, because the run is so long. With 644 monsters this should be the highest monster count ever in a tyson, am I right?


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Map04 UV Max/Reality in 10:14



It has been quite some time for me to feel some pure rage out of Reality runs :)


The most annoying part is that the Red Keycard trap is by pure luck. At least I can increase my chance by having Invisibility and 3 Chaingunners dead beforehand. The final part is the most difficult part since there are a bunch of enemies where Hitscanners may shoot you from an angle you can't even see.

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Excellent reality run. Nice trick at the red key. The exit is diabolical with so many hitscanners. You made it look easy and I know it wasn't. Despite your careful play it would be easy for an enemy shot to get through. How many runs before your success?

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15 hours ago, tmorrow said:

How many runs before your success?


I think somewhere between 50 to 100.


I didn't mention the lift at the start. That one is particularly annoying because you either have to wait for the enemies wandering on the lift, or just try my luck like what I did in the demo. Here at least stopped something around 20 runs because I got impatient. Red Keycard costs me around 5 runs (surprisingly) and the last room costs me around 5 runs. There are a lot of stupid things can happen, like stepping on the poison, getting shot while hitscanners infighting or such.

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