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Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

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Revved said:

D2ALL UV Max in 1:52:45

Included are a couple other demos:
Episode 1 UV Max in 23:47
Map 30 UV Max in 1:03

Funny, I get that overflow bug thingy playing back 30rbmax (-skipsec 170, map 3) on GlBoom+ using Rebirth1.wad. Basically it desyncs but the player also runs through walls and enemies. Would be nice to know why.

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Seems like Revved was playing with intercepts overflow emulation turned off.

To playback the demo correctly in PrBoom+ you can set intercepts overflow emulation to "no" under Options > General (6th page).

Andy, if you're reading this: Please add a note about this requirement to DSDA.

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Cyberdemon531 said:

MAP01 UV -Fast in 0:46

Nice run, although you could do even better, also IIRC you don't need to press that button at the end. :)

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