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Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

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Thanks for the kinds words :) Appreciate the comments :)


Yep it's been 20 years since Requiem was released according to the file creation date 05/07/1997, it'll be 21 this July :D


I'm surprised this wasn't accomplished before, the rest of the map after the Arachnotrons isn't agonizing, but I think tyson has always been a niche category with only a handful of specialists that can decimate maps that one would assume impossible for tysoning, let alone be crazy enough to speedrun this category in the first place :D


Look for another tyson run coming soon ;)

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Another amazing and impressive tyson!  Congrats!

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Astounding accomplshment.  My past self from long ago when there was only one Requiem map with a Tyson record at Compet-N would have been blown away.

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