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DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

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Quiz time!


Who wrote...

  1. "Realistically, though, I don't believe we'll ever see a sub-21 time [for 30uv]."
  2. "So very close to 20 minutes, but to save another 33 seconds on top of a [30uv] run like this in far beyond my capabilities."
  3. "I am 100% sure that sub 22 is not possible in any realistic amount of time by anyone, So a sub 23 minute run should be the final minute barrier for 30nm."
  4. "This [sub 23] *should* be the last minute barrier for 30nm, while there is always time to be saved in doom, I cannot imagine the amount of luck you'd need for a time under 22 minutes."
  5. "Regarding episode 2 and 3, or a full movie [of Plutonia nm], that will never happen."
  6. "I can't wait to see a nightmare run through DOOM2, it's just gotta be impossible!"

Bonus question!


X) If any of these was, in fact, incorrect, can you give a counterexample?


To give others a fair chance too, you can use the spoiler tag for your answers. Go!

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1-5: I thought I couldn't get better at the game and didn't expect there to be a completely new skips possible after 20 years and finally I didn't expect to have the motivation to actually take on something as massive as 30pn, I was wrong I guess.


Of course anything is possible if someone just puts enough time to it.


6: romero.

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"This shit teached me the final lesson. Regard everything I sed before, and I mean everything...couse obviously I'm not the right person to talk about future, I was(am) just a fool who payed too much attention on present and I let that missguide my judgement about tommorow."


This is very nice quote which gets disregarded way too many times in speedrunning. I really try to follow this quote because he wasn't a fool who sed this :-)

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10 minutes ago, Looper said:

Doom2 Map24 in 35 seconds (no jump).

Great job. I don't think I'll ever not be impressed by people straferunning around the ledges on map24. The first time I saw it was one of my earliest "wow" moments when I first started watching demos.

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My personal "NICE!" moment in this deluge of tricks was the little sr40 elevator jump in map22, because that's a setupless bitch that's so easy to miss, heh.

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