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DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

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map 24 nomo in 35 seconds.


I decided to grab the blue key rather than jump into the radiation. It was quite fun playing the map this way. 


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Posted (edited)

That's pretty good. I would say the only real mistake in the run was the way you handled your path with the first teleporter. The rest would be just finetuning your movement to be more precise. And of course the walljump is not that fun to do under nomonsters the fast way, so I am just ignoring how you handled it. I recommend not using the walljump at all, but of course you can do it if your aim is to do the map as fast as possible. It's of course a good map for the movement practice, a bit harsh though.

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Hey Looper! Thanks for the feedback. I know the first run along the ledges to the first teleporter was pretty sloppy. I'll keep grinding that map for a while to practice my movement. I'll probably take your advice and stop doing the walljump to keep things fun. I was doing it mostly for practice at getting the angle quickly (although I'm assuming there is a faster and more reliable way to do that trick). 

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MAP21 nomo in 0:16

MAP21 pacifist in 0:27


Nomo is for route practicing.

For pacifist: slightly faster elevator cycle saves some time, more info in txt file.




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10 hours ago, Looper said:

D2ALL UV-Speed in 18:31


The true king of DOOM II has regained the throne. There's always something so satisfying about Looper's movement.


Zero-Master next up to the plate?

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