The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

Could my Shaitan's Luck map24 max in 4:47 be removed and replaced with this one in 4:29. (The old demo and text will be included in the zip for all of these.) 


Likewise for Scythe X map05 max in 1:04 with this one in 1:00.


Valiant map26 max in 5:11 with this one in 4:51


Valiant map28 max in 9:57 can be removed; here's a zip with both the 9:30 and 9:57.


Thanks. :)


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63 demos this week.


All fixed since last update. Thanks!

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On 27.08.2017 at 2:30 AM, rdwpa said:

Could my Shaitan's Luck map24 max in 4:47 be removed and replaced...

Your attitude irks me, why not just leave the old ones? I guess it is the combination of perfectionism and the supposedly fun speedrunning territory.

In all other forums I enjoy reading your post tremendously.

Did you see the AV20 demo by Zero-Master? It is admittedly imperfect, but very valuable. I bet if you had recorded that, you would have posted the demo and instisted in not uploading it to DSDA. Am I right?

The side effect is I will download all your 144 demos tonight just in case they got deleted or replaced. They are too good to be gone.

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34 demos this week.


Grazza: Fixed. Thanks!

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James Young's UV Max demo for E1M1 was converted to 1.9 (as mentioned in the text file) but it still only plays back with DOOM.WAD 1.666.
He also specifically aimed for avoiding any damage so I suppose it should be tagged as Reality.


lirui1001's UV Maxes for JPCP MAP10 and MAP29 desync with the idgames version. They play back with an older version uploaded here (I believe this version was the original idgames release).


ClumsyDoomer kills some cacodemons with a crusher in his demo for 3hafinal MAP09 so the demo only qualifies as UV Speed, not Pacifist.

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