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Andy Olivera

The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

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FC19's demo for Atomic Tomb (at.wad) is an FDA (although he/she does end up with 100% kills and secrets).

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23 minutes ago, rdwpa said:

The wad isn't already on DSDA, so your demo submission needed to include a link to the wad.


I'll provide the link as soon as possible. Sorry, I'm trying to get it uploaded to idgames but it keeps timing out on me.


Update: Here's the link:



Update: Here's the link to the updated demo with the link file included:



Edited by Lingyan203

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79 demos this week.


Lingyan: It's always advisable to post a link to the WAD if it isn't on idgames, the DSDA or otherwise easy to find.


RjY: Fixed. Thanks!

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Would it be possible for a WAD that's already been uploaded to the archive to be updated? In the interest of ensuring the latest release of the WAD is available at all sources (and to ensure compatibility and consistency in the unlikely possibility of future demo attempts), I humbly request that the revprblm upload on DSDA be updated to the latest version. I realize Ancalagon already submitted several demo attempts for the WAD, but I kept this in mind when making my minor updates, and none of the changes I made affect the demo compatibility of his submissions. I've confirmed that his demos are all still valid on the latest release. However, other maps that haven't been run (as unlikely as that may be) may be affected by the changes.

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TNT: Revilution had another update (06/29/17 timestamp). At least one demo (jjthebird's 07) goes out of sync with the version currently hosted on DSDA (06/04/17 timestamp). Most of the demos are probably fine on this newer version looking at their timestamps, and knowing that GarrettChan/Lirui1001 were aware of the update, but I don't feel like setting up ZDoom 2.8.1 just to check Bob's. 


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Why so early? For me, the DSDA is typically updated the Monday morning (at the moment it's Sunday afternoon).

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