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About the Worst Wad awards...

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The last two Cacowards had Mockawards that were complaining about annoying trends in Doom mapping, rather than actually bad quality wads. Could I please ask that it focuses on actually bad wads this time, and not annoying trends that will probably go away in time or just be ignored? I was kinda disappointed, as I love playing truly bad wads for laughing at how terrible they are.

EDIT: Derp. Worst Wad, not Mockaward...

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there's shitty wads galore to be played just by following /newstuff reviews. on the other hand giving a medal for retarded mapping is A) cruel to the single person chosen if he was honest, B) encouraging to troll mappers like terry. i believe this is the reason why the worst award got revamped and i like the change. just imagine reading it again after 5 or 10 years when you realize mainstream mapping trends are as ridiculous and fleeting as soccer stars' hairdos.

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