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[Gzdoom]Daydream Hell - WIP

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Hello everybody, First of all let me start by saying it's been quite a long time since I last posted here and for those who don't know me well I'm the one that made "Phobos anomaly revisited". Was my first public wad and it recieved OK critics.

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about my first wad but to introduce one of my recent project.

The project is named "Daydream hell"(Title can be altered in the future) and it is a level for the GZDoom engine.
The main theme of the level is as the title sugests, hell, but I will try to make it as original as possible. It may take a while thought as I am still trying out some new functions(Today, I just found out about the vertex slope and I must say that it makes pretty neat natural objects).
Anyways, I will also try to keep in mind all the feedback that I had from my previous level and I hope to introduce a nice gameplay, which was kinda lacking in my first wad :(

Anyways, here are a few screenshots of my work so far, hope you find them interesting ;)

The screenies are in 1024x768 resolution so it might take a little time to load for slow computers.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:

Screenshot 7:


For the recources, I will be using textures from various sources as long as they stay in the hell theme.
The music wich you can't hear obviously ** is D_TECU, a music that I found in zpack. This music was used in the "Terror cube" level and I found it to be quite fiting for this level ;)
Credits will be given of course.

Feel free to comment, give advice on how to improve parts that could be improved ;)

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This looks quite lovely in that gloomy sense, and I think that the castle-like theme of the architecture is appealing. I do think that there's a lack of detail, though, in the screencaps. That is, unless you plan to add a bit more to areas and just haven't done so yet...I'm not saying flood the place with objects and HD textures out the butt, but maybe add a little bit more to some of the areas within the map so that the visuals don't feel bland.

But, I am intrigued and would like this play this when it's released.

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you should find a way to have a far away shot of the castle as to see it before you enter. and i must say great work we need more castles

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