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How to texture the outside of a base?

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I've tried several texture combinations, and I'm not pleased with how any of them look. What would be the best choice of texturing for the outside of this base?

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that shawn certainly doesnt look too nice, maybe replace it with concrete?

You could try getting some texturing/structuring ideas from some random buildings you can google: 1 2 3 4 5

the roof could have an overhang, there could also be some supporting structures. A logo or a window could fit above the entrance. and maybe add some drainpipes. (if it ever rains in there :p)

and perhaps use support textures to separate building walls made of different materials.

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Maybe add a border/overhang to the top of the base to make it contrast better with the sky. Also add some support beams to break up the texture so it's not just one big horizontal texture.

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Memfis said:


Just add some crap until it looks detailed.

No offense but that looks way too cluttered.

Unless the theme was that the UAC was having a yard sale.

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