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cool/funny/crazy stories

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Post links to your favorite stories, preferably something entertaining. Erotica is okay if it's funny, but most aren't.

Story format should be plain TXT (ASCII or UTF-8) or HTML. No flash, javascript, PDF, or other weird formats. There can be images (illustrated story), but avoid posting straight-out comic strips.

I'll start with a couple links:

REMFS - a rock n roll band in a world of hurt.

The chicken show - the greatest dot-com loser story ever told.

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It's old, but sums up pretty well how I feel about hardware. It works...only if it wants to. And it crashes whenever it wants to. That's why I prefer working with software; at least I'll know that if something fucks up it's (usually) my own fault.

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Well, I don't know if these count...

The sweatslob (part 1)

The sweatslob (part 2)

And of course there are all those cool Jodwin pump-up scripts. They are awesome. I know because I wrote them -for the most part-.

Here's a little story I wrote, dedicated to online "competitive" gaming.

Jodwin's dream.

Don't read if you tend to take your online "competitive" gaming a bit too seriously.

And of course, the old Way Of Maes classic, The Snake, written by Jodwin.

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This is a famous chinese story, the story also leds to a forming of a chinese idiom, 90% of the chinese may know about it. I can say this is one of my favourite story, it was quite funny. The story is mainly talking about a old idiot trying to remove a mountain using noobish ways because of shit transportations. Since this old idiot is a retard, then same as his families too, they all help him!

A english version of this story is located at lower bottom side.


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hex11 said:

BOFH - Bastard Operator From Hell

As a system admin, that has provided me with quality inspiration since 2003. I make sure to keep an excuse generator bookmarked for when people call me. The number of lusers users that call me has subsequently dropped.

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I exercised my linguistic muscles with the highly entertaining but now sadly defunct ZD-RPG.

The weird thing is that if I were to write a novel of my own, it would most definitely be fantasy, although I've read hardly any fantasy myself. :S

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