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General Rainbow Bacon

If there was one wad...

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There is only one WAD
There is only one sea.
And it flows through you
And it flows through me.

And, uh...I'd probably just pick something from this thread.

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Action Doom, because the creators and early authors probably suspected that eventually the engine would be used for better and better stuff, but they might not have expected something like Action Doom.

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There aren't any WADs which contains as many things that might be enough forever. It means if I now choose one, it would be boring after several plays.

However, Knee-Deep in ZDoom might be an exception.

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Naitguolf said:

A copy of DooM Builder? :P

I'm sure that they'd have loads of fun running it on a DOS machine. :P

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But in all seriousness, I'd probably pick 32in24-7 (The Second CTF one) It shows all sorts of fancy details, a brand new game mode in some of its finest instances, and the kicker was that it was made in 24 hours, exemplifying the dedication and widespread adoration the game still has to this day. (Okay, it took two months with detailing and 35 betas to bugtest, but the concept still stands strong)

If we have to say vanilla, Id go with volume 9 of the same series. (The second duel one) Not as detailed, but it adhered to the 24 hour rule so I would feel dirty lying to id software, and it would probably run on 1994 technology.

Of course we'd have to realize the consequences of this action. they'd be playing duels and CTF so dang much that they would never get around to inventing Quake, and then everything just goes to hell from there.

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