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Can someone explain what the numbers represent in this script?

script 3 (int lineID) { // Force Field deactivation -Risen
for (int i = 180; i >= 0; i = i-2) {
TranslucentLine(lineID, i, 1);
SetLineBlocking(LineID, BLOCK_NOTHING);

Its the script to make the forcefield in knee deep in zdoom fade away after a certain amount of tics. I'd like to use this feature but having not really used hexen format before it never hit me.

What is the script saying?


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Just taking a peek here, it looks line 2 describes a basic loop, initializing i at 180, and reducing it by 2 each iteration; the loop keeps running until i is less than zero, at which point it stops.

Lines 3-4 are what run during each iteration, and line 3 is the one that changes the translucency. As can be seen from the TranslucentLine page, the second parameter specifies the opacity amount, and since that parameter is i here, it will lower from 180 to 0 in 2 unit increments as described above. The delay in line 4 means that each iteration will pause for one tic after lowering the opacity, and the whole thing should take a little over 3 seconds to finish. Line 6 just makes the line passable once the forcefield has 'vanished'.

Assuming you understand the basic concept of a programming loop, you could see this section for an example of how this kind of loop is structured in C-based languages. If you don't know what loops are at all, you should read that whole article.

Anything you're specifically unclear about?

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Ah I get it now, thanks for that Mithran I can see it clearly. I'll have to read it some more for it to sink in though!

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