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I have added a new texture lump and it is empty yet now it says that when I load the game:


What's going on? (I'm using GZDOOM Zdoom in hexen format)

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Fiddling with the TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2 lumps isn't something that I do very often, but if you can add to TEXTURE1, I believe you should be able to use the same process to add to TEXTURE2. You'll still need to define the patches in PNAMES as well.

Or, assuming that you're building maps specifically for ZDoom (which your other threads seem to suggest), you might want to use the text-based TEXTURES lump instead, as you won't need to fiddle around with SLADE 3 or any similar tools. You can just use a text editor, and you won't need to worry about PNAMES, either.

[edit: okay, if you're now getting that error message, you probably mangled either PNAMES or TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2. If you post the offending wad, I can try to look at it for you, but I don't know much more than that off-hand.]

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I got rid of Texture2 and changed texture1 to be called TEXTURES. Now when I start it says:

Script error, "DOOMIII.wad:TEXTURES" line 1:
Texture definition expected, found 'F'

When I edit TEXTURES as text there is this:


I'm guessing it is talking about this F. What is the difference and how do I solve it?? Cheers!

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TEXTURES is something completely different. It's a completely text-based file unlike TEXTURE1/PNAMES which are a binary format.

Also, if you use ZDoom which the use of this lump implies you don't have to copy all existing textures. You only need to define those which are new.

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