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Sound won't work in Choco-Doom

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This is entirely unrelated to my unskilled efforts in attempting to compile Chocolate Doom.

Anyway, for some reason, sound just suddenly stopped working for me in Chocolate Doom. The weirdest thing is, it works just fine in all the other Chocolate ports (Heretic, Hexen and Strife). I have tried deleting the config and having it generate a new one, that doesn't help.

Volume is up all the way, too.

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Have you tried a completely new install? Maybe just try working with a fresh copy in a new folder? Maybe a Chocolate-Doom process is still running. Have you tried a reboot?

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Ehh? It's inexplicably working again, and I didn't even do anything! o_0 I'll bump this if it crops up again, but for now consider it solved.

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