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[WIP] Section 8 Gunslinger dm

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Let's get right down to buisness. Gunslinger DM is of course as you probably already figured out(if not, just leave this thread) a set of deathmatch wads. These huge maps sport slopes, 3d floors, and other skulltag features. But the weapons however, are now from section 8, with very smooth animations and balance.

The project is still in beta, so only 4 weapons are done for now(pistol, assault rifle, machinegun, sniper rifle), and no maps are yet done, but they are in progress.

Heres a quick screenshot to show you folks what to expect.

The gun in the screenshot is the assault rifle. If you notice closely you can see that you have grey armor. It is armor, but it also regenerates with a few twists of how to get around it. Shooting close range at the target will penetrate the armor and the full damadge will be taken to the targets health. Mid-range will cause the damadge to spread eaqually, some to armor and some to health. Long-range will infilct the full force of the damadge to only the armor, until it runs out.

This project is fresh off the market, with a current team of 2, me and gunslinger. If you wish to contribute to this project, tell here what you can do, and i will add you to the list. And when the time comes, you will be contacted via PM for your task.

Any questions or comments?

Current members

--Gunslinger (Design artist)
--Rambosee (Lead mapper, music contributer)

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