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Finishing up a level, gonna upload it to the FTP, but I have a couple of questions:

1. If I'm using music from a different level instead of the MAP01 music (still in the iwad), does that count as "new music"?

2. I've only tested in zdoom and imagine that a limit removing engine is required, but ill test it in vanilla/chocolate later. If it is not playable and I don't bother fixing whatever might need fixed, how many people will I be excluding? How many people only play vanilla compatible levels? There are a few sections with numerous linedefs and vertices in a relatively small area that probably require a limit removing port.

Thanks doomers

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For the first question it could probably go either way; note that you don't necessarily have to answer all the questions in the textfile template with a simple yes or no :P

A limit-removing (or even Boom-compatible) map will be playable for pretty nearly anyone, so if you haven't been mapping with vanilla limits in mind I wouldn't recommend trying to alter your map to fit them now.

Testing in ZDoom for non-ZDoom-requiring maps tends to be a pretty bad idea, though, because you can run into what's called "ZDoomisms", where something will be functional in ZDoom but not in the port you're hoping it'll be compatible with.

Some common ZDoomisms include:

Untagged lifts, because ZDoom makes tag-0 lift linedefs affect the sector on the backside of the line. To fix this, just give the lift and its trigger line a tag (duh).

Untagged S1/SR doors, for the same reason. If you have untagged switch doors set up this way, either give them a tag or replace them with D1/DR doors, for the intended behavior.

Trigger lines placed too close together and rendering each other unusable. For instance, a walk-activated line placed too closely in front of a switch-activated line will prevent the switch from working. To fix this, either apply the Boom "PassThru" line flag to the trigger line that's preventing the one behind it from being activated, or in a limit-removing or vanilla map, physically move the lines apart until you can trigger them both without problems.

If you're really unsure, and too lazy to test in other ports (:P), I guess you can just say ZDoom is required, but it's somewhat frowned upon to require a specific port for no other reason beyond lazy testing. (See: NewDoom Community Project 2)

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Thanks for the help.

when I get the chance ill test it in the other popular ports to make sure. I already always tag my lifts and doors instead of just leaving the ones up against their sectors untagged. It's an old habit, and I guess a good one.

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