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[WIP] Chex Pack

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hi there. I've been working on a multiplayer mod for Chex Quest 3 on the Zandronum engine.

It works on Zand with no additional pwads, this mod is currently hosted on these servers.

This mod does not work with (g)zDoom


<[IFOC] Server>: Chex Pack Duel
<[IFOC] Server>: Chex Pack Zorchmatch
<[IFOC] Server>: Chex Pack CTF

Hosting instructions: This mod now changes DMFLAGS automatically (as of P15-7, (7/29/2011).

Latest version of this mod: 16-3.2 http://www.ifocserv.net/ftp/wads/ChexPackP16-3.2.pk3 (20 MB)

This mod uses chex3.wad as its IWAD. If you get DECORATE errors when you launch the game, you need to update your IWAD. You can find the IWAD here for free:


IRC Channel


Come here if you want to request/advertise a server, or if you are looking for players.

Map list:

Deathmatch (Zorchmatch)

ZM01: Underground Storage Facility
ZM02: Jade Plateau
ZM03: DK Zorchmatch (by Lucius Octavian, modified by me)
ZM04: Mario Zorchmatch (based on a map by CutmanMike, used with permission)
ZM05: Subways
ZM06: Quarry
ZM07: Museum (this map is slow if you have less than 3 players)
ZM08: Highlands (map by Replica)


INV01 (demo)


DUELHUB, through which you can access DUEL01-DUEL16 + DUEL33


New Weapons: In addition to the sprite replacements for the Super Shotgun, Skulltag minigun, grenade launcher, and BFG10k, this mod contains a few brand new weapons.

Weapons list:

Slot 1: Bootspoon, Bootspork(s), zorch gloves, <Secret weapon>
Slot 2: Minizorcher(s), CL Zorcher
Slot 3: Large zorcher, Super Large Zorcher
Slot 4: Rapid Zorcher, Ultra Rapid Zorcher
Slot 5: Propulsor(s), Freezing Zorcher(s), Zorchlauncher
Slot 6: Phasing Zorcher, Rail Zorcher
Slot 7: LAZ Device, Liquid Zorcher

Note: Here are the Doom/Skulltag equivalents of these weapons:

Bootspoon = Fist
Bootspork = Chainsaw (you can dual wield this weapon)
Minizorcher = Pistol (you can dual wield this weapon)
Large Zorcher = Shotgun
Super Large Zorcher = Super Shotgun
Rapid Zorcher = chaingun
Ultra Rapid Zorcher = Minigun (fires faster than the chaingun, but has a short cooldown period afterward)
Zorch Propulsor = Rocket Launcher (you can dual wield this weapon)
Zorch Launcher = Grenade Launcher
Phasing Zorcher = Plasma Rifle
Rail Zorcher = Railgun (fires a straight beam that rips through enemies)
LAZ Device = BFG9000
Liquid Zorcher = BFG10k (Rapid fire, hitscan BFG. It is not used in any map)

Freezing Zorchers:
rocket launchers with greater damage and a freeze effect, the ammo for this weapon is rare

CL Zorcher:
Fires sets of three energy bursts that rip through enemies and bounce off of walls.

A powerful, but slow melee attack. It is only found in INV01 so far.

Rail Zorcher:
Similar to the Skulltag railgun, but this version has a manual reload. Press alt fire to reload it.

And, a secret weapon.

This mod uses two different damagetypes. The enemies (flemoids) slime you, and in competitive game modes, you get zorched. I made all but two of the player getting zorched frames

You can dual wield minizorchers (pistols), freezing zorchers, propulsors (rocket launchers), freezing zorchers, and bootsporks (chainsaws).

The propulsors and freezing zorchers have an alt fire, which fires both weapons at the same time.

I added a lot of dynamic lighting to the game. The enemies and player light up when shot, and all the lamps, etc. have lights.

Screenshots: You can click on these thumbnails to get a bigger image.

ZM01: Underground Storage Facility

<I can't put any more screenshots in this post>

ZM02: Jade Plateau, based on a track from Blast Corps.

ZM03: Mario Zorchmatch - Based on a map by CutmanMike, used with permission.

ZM04: Subways

ZM05: Quarry

ZM06: Museum

DUEL01 screenshots:

ZM07 Screenshots (map by Replica):

INV01 : Arboretum Invasion (demo)

If you would like to see more screenshots, you can find more on my zDoom forums topic


There are also more screenshots below.

If you like Chex, or just want to try something different, try it out. I would like to hear your suggestions and feedback.

If you want to make maps using this mod as a base, look at this topic:

Known Bugs:

This mod has texture glitches in software mode due to non power of two textures, I don't have the art skills to replace them at the moment.

The shading on the Rail Zorcher looks a little strange.

This mod has some simple 3d models.

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I recorded another video, this time of the invasion map. It's the same as before, if you've already played it.

I just finished some skins. in the next version, you will be able to play as a bipedicus, commonus, Quadrumpus, and as a alternate chex warrior

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I'm working on a replacement for the old Sewer invasion, from P14 -

I hope I'll be able to release this map in the next version.

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New version out: 15-4

Features lots of new skins - here is the full list:

Remember - you select the skin by changing your player class.

Standard Chex Warrior
Bipedicus with armor
Box Costume (changed so it's more fair)

I also made a layout change to ZM04 (mario zorchmatch), added more ammo to ZM03 (DK Zorchmatch) and added some details/bugfixes to ZM07 (museum). The maps are very similar, so I won't post screenshots right now.

I did not add any maps to this version

Download link: 15-4 http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/ChexSTPackP15-4.zip

As usual, make sure you are using the latest version of Chex Quest 3, from chuckker's website - http://www.chucktropolis.com

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New gameplay video of this mod:

I'm going to upload more, I recorded one video of each map in the pack.

It takes 3 hours to upload each video, so I should have them all done by next week.

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Another new video (ZM04)


and another new video (ZM05)

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QuadrumpusGuy and I are working on extending Chex Quest 3 to three 9 level episodes.

QG has made E1M7, and I'm working on E1M8. E1M8 is 1/3 done.

Also, we're going to re-do some of the standard levels levels in Chex Quest 3, because they are too easy for co-operative play.

This mod currently only runs in Skulltag, but if this 3-episode level pack is finished, I will release it in a separate pk3 which can be played on zDoom and GzDoom.

I'm interested in making a limit removing engine chex mod, but I want to finish this mod first.

EDIT - perhaps that's not a good idea, since Boom doesn't support Chex3.wad, and Chex.wad requires DEHACKED to work on standard doom engines... (G)zDoom is where Chex Quest belongs, unless there is code to support Chex Quest 3's features (i.e., flemoids can't hurt each other or infight, and don't use hitscanners)

I've also added effects to the slime, so that when a slime ball hits a wall, it leaves splats. I also made the flembomination much more powerful.

Screenshots of this effect: (1024x768 images):

This room was clean before he entered:


I also added The Slimeinator's freeable captives. I added a reward for freeing them, they drop zorchers, health, and powerups when freed (the set of items you get are random).

I was trying to have the stridici leave slimy footprints. Since you can't have decals on the floor, I had them spawn slimy footprint actors. This didn't work well, though, after a certain number of these actors were spawned, no more were generated. I could have them fade out, but the stridici takes so many steps, so quickly, it would look strange, and the effect would look worse for every stridici on the map.

Other fixes:

- Bipedici now fire three slime balls, BWAs fire two.
- I made Lord Snotfolus more powerful.
- QG made Brand X Warriors, which attack Chex Warriors, and also attack flemoids if they are hit by slime. They carry zorchers. These enemies need voices, so, if anyone would like to volunteer, tell me in this topic.

Code fixes:
- The Flembomination can now see you from any angle
- The bootspoon, zorchgloves, and bootsporks do not alert enemies
- Added colors to pickup messages, to make it easier to see that you have picked up a weapon, and what you picked up.
- I fixed the LAZ obituary glitch

I still want to implement special voices for zorch pain and death for Chexter, too, but my voice isn't strong enough. If you are willing/able to do voices for this mod, good voiceovers for Chexter and the Brand X Warriors would definitely make the game better. If I use your work, I will credit you in the credits lump in the .pk3.

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I just added a new enemy: The Flemoidous Gyro

The original sprites were made by Boingo The Clown. True Dude added helicopter blades, and I coded it and added pain, death, and attack frames.

The helicopter is constantly running except when it gets hit. When it "dies", the flemoid gets zorched away, and the helicopter floats down to the ground.

It is like fighting a lost soul, without a charge attack. It is much more agile than the lost soul, and changes directions very often.

This enemy doesn't appear in any of the maps, but you can summon it with the console command "summon gyro".

You can try the Gyro out with this pk3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?wse019ny2c39911 (ChexSTPackP15-4-Gyro.pk3 )

EDIT - I made a video of this new enemy:

I plan on making a better animation for its death state.

Also in this pk3:

A new co-op/single player map, by Quadrumpusguy: E1M7. You can't access it from the main menu, so you must get to it by using the console command "MAP E1M7".

A preview of a co-op/single player map by me (E1M8).

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I think some of these weapons definitely violate Chex Quest's non-violent policy. You might have a hard time convincing parents that this is a good wad for their children to play on skulltag.

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Only the zorch gloves are violent (since they involve punching), the rest are no more violent than the originals, even though they have the same fast paced action as their Doom versions.

I think this game could get an "Everyone" in the ESRB scale, but I'm not interested enough to send it for them to review (they may charge for that, too).

If they did give it an "E" rating, I'd put it on the title screen, just because I would find it amusing, but I am not making this mod for a specific audience. If 6-10 year olds find the fast paced action of Doom fun, great, that means that I've introduced them to Doom multiplayer, which is the most fun I've had online. Hopefully, once they've tried a great game like Doom, they will expect more from other shooters in the future.

If not, I didn't make this to make a kids game, I just like the artwork, and I wanted to make a good multiplayer experience using Chex Quest as a base.

New version out: 15-7: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/ChexSTPackP15-7.zip

I added two new maps, DUEL01, and ZM08 (by Replica). ZM01 was changed.

When I get more duel maps, I will make a hub, like what is seen in Duel32. QuadrumpusGuy also helped me make some changes to ZM01.

ZM01 Screenshots:

DUEL01 screenshots:

ZM08 Screenshots (map by Replica):

Download link:

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I just made a layout for a new Duel map, I didn't test it online yet, but I predict it will be a great map. It was fun with bots, and it seems like a good layout from walking around it. Bots obviously act very different from real players, so I don't have enough to make a judgement on its quality.

Coincidentally, its offline gameplay reminds me of Greenwar (this map's design is completely original).

I'll test it online tomorrow.

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Canadian bacon is gone, so it's not hosted 24/7 at this time. I was talking to Silvertear on IRC, and he said he would host it on Node 3. I'll post here when I get updates on that.

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New version out: P15-8: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/ChexSTPackP15-8.zip

The duel maps will be hosted by me 24/7, for two weeks: "<[IFOC] Server>: Chex Skulltag Pack P15-8 Duel"

The deathmatch maps are being hosted by Vicious Pariah on "ViciousPariah - Chex Skulltag Pack: Zorchmatch (Press W to download)"

DUEL02: (Zorch!)

DUEL03 (D.O.S. Days by Quadrumpusguy):

DUEL04 (Bazoik Research Facility by 75):

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New Version out: P15-9


New Maps:

DUEL05: Impact Crater


The hub uses coding by AlexMax. You can now play duel maps in any order. In this release, the hub is just a proof of concept map, QuadrumpusGuy is working on a more detailed version.

I also changed the blood spatter behavior so that the slime falls to the ground and leaves little puddles.

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I added two new servers of my own, and Node 3 hosted the ZM (DM) levels.

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I finished a new duel map - I'm going to wait to release it, I think I can make a few more maps in the next couple days.

Has anyone here played the duel maps? If so, have you enjoyed playing on them?

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(Screenshot of new map in the post above this message)

I added that map to the pack, since it's a good map and it's easy to update the servers, there's no reason to wait.

New version : http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/ChexSTPackP15-10.zip

The only update to the mod is that map, some textures used in that map only, and a minor texture bug fix in ZM01.

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All of the wadhost links are dead because the site is down

I am updating the links.

Silvertear has uploaded this mod onto his servers, Node-3

You can now find the latest stable version here:


This version is currently hosted on [IFOC] servers and Node-3.

I am still working on this, though progress has been slow lately. The alpha versions include some 3d models and new maps for co-op.

If you are interested in playing these versions, reply to this topic, or send me a PM.

The reason why I haven't hosted a newer version is because there is a graphical skin bug that I haven't fixed yet.

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Still alive, and I've been working on it, I now have all 5 CTF maps in this version, and a new Duel map. A CTF server is up 24/7

Also, you can expect one full co-op/single player episode for P17

<[IFOC] Server> Chex Skulltag Pack Duel
<[IFOC] Server> Chex Skulltag Pack Zorchmatch
<[IFOC] Server> Chex Skulltag Pack CTF

I hope you have a good time!


Also, this mod has team weapons -- the blue team will shoot blue projectiles and the red team will shoot red projectiles.





I need to get screenshots for CTF02

This version also has a new skin, the slimeproof suit skin, and some 3d models.

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New version out -- P16-1 http://www.wuala.com/jwaffe/Hosted/ChexPackP16-1.pk3/

Contains 5 new duel maps!

** This version is not made for Zandronum, so you will need skulltag_data.pk3 and skulltag_things to play it, I will work on Zand compatibility after there is a stable version of the engine out.

DUEL09 : Major Fault by 75

Commentary on this map:

Difficult, fast paced, and quite strange looking, though the strange appearance matches the sort of wild gameplay this map offers, with teleporters you can use to dodge in 3 dimensions because they do not slow you down.

DUEL10 : Sweltering Spiral by 75

Commentary on this map:

A moderate paced map, with locations designed for each weapon, there are some areas where a weapon is better than others. Several shortcuts can allow you to get an advantage over your opponent if you learn how to use them well.

DUEL11 : Consilium by 75

Commentary on this map:

Inspired by the old vanilla Doom DM/Duel map Uroborous, this map has the same sort of layout, it's simple layout is easy to navigate and it has a forgiving layout with a lot of cover, good for beginners.

DUEL12 : Mountain Bungalo by QuadrumpusGuy

Commentary on this map:

It's a lot smaller than it looks, this map forces you to move quickly to avoid your opponents' CL zorcher and zorch launcher attacks, though if you are clever you will find that safety is never really far away if you get in trouble, you will need to think quickly to realize where you can go though. After you avoid his or her attempts to zorch you, it's best to turn around for a counterattack, using an alternate path.

DUEL13: Mysterious Lab by 75

Commentary on this map:

Somewhat inspired by Doom E1M2 and Doom E1M4, this map is slow paced and complicated, talking place in a abandoned, damaged lab. There are many ways to play this map, and a lot of room for creativity, listen carefully to the sounds your opponent makes in the map (from opening doors, using lifts, etc.) to find where he or she is, and act accordingly to succeed.

The new Duel hub is not done yet, but it is being worked on.

Quadrumpusguy is working on Episode 4, E4M1-E4M5, E4M7, and the two bonus levels are playable and included in this pack, if you would like a preview.

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