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I am going away.

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You may have noticed my lack of spam/posts here in these forums lately. My absence is caused by some recent events which originated on irc and these forums, and no. It has nothing to do with #doom. That place is a great channel. I've been away from IRC for a week and i've only checked these forums on a not-so-frequent basis. I don't really feel like i have anything to contribute at the moment, so i'll be going away now.

If you want to contact me, do it on ICQ.

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I didn't get the impression that Maonth was a jerk.

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Weren't you supposed to leave too?

only way to leave if you have over 1000 posts is to get banned.

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But he had a big "I Am Leaving" thread wherein he said he'd uninstal Doom and never talk to us agian.

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To save time, with so many people doing their dying swan act and leaving, here are 450 different ways to say goodbye:

Abenaki (Maine USA, Montreal Canada) Adio, wli nanawalmezi
Abenaki (Maine USA, Montreal Canada) Adio
Abenaki (Maine USA, Montreal Canada) Wlibamkanni
Acateco (San Miguel Acatán Guatemala] Xawil hab'aa
Acateco (San Miguel Acatán Guatemala) Qil xin
Aceh (Sumatra) Trok lom
Achí (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] Quin 'ec
Achí (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] Quin 'e na
Achí (Baja Verapaz Guatemala) Chawila awib
Achí (Baja Verapaz Guatemala) [answer] Mantiox, lawib chi
[Achinese, see Aceh]
Acholi (Uganda, Sudan) [go well] Wot maber
Acholi (Uganda, Sudan) [stay well] Dong maber
Acholi (Uganda, Sudan) [to person leaving] Dong iwoti
Acholi (Uganda, Sudan) [to person staying] Dong ibedi
Achuar (Ecuador) Wea jai
Acjachemem (San Juan Capistrano Calif. USA) Yatahay
[Adare, see Harari]
Adyghe (Middle East) Wog maho
Adyghe (Middle East) Hyarcha
Afar (Djibouti) [to person staying] Ma'uk rae
Afar (Djibouti) [to person leaving] Ma'uk ged
Afrikaans (South Africa) Totsiens
Afrikaans (South Africa) Vaarwel
Aguacateco (Guatemala) [by person leaving] Na'j wetz
Aguacateco (Huehuetenango Guatemala) Cul tu' tib'u'
Aguacateco (Huehuetenango Guatemala) [ans] Cu
Aguaruna (Peru) Ayoo
Ainu (Japan, Sakhalin Russia) [see you] Sui unukar an ro
Ainu (Japan) [go well] Pirkano paye yan
Ainu (Japan) [live well] Pirkano oka yan
Ainu [Saru dialect] (Japan) [go safely] Apunno paye yan
Ainu [Saru dialect] (Japan) [live safely] Apunno oka yan
[Akan, see and Fante]
Akha (China, SE Asia) [by leaving - down] G'o i ma de
Akha (China, SE Asia) [to leaving - down] Aw law law eh g'o i de
Akha (China, SE Asia) [by leaving - up] G'o le ma de
Akha (China, SE Asia) [to leaving - up] Aw law law eh g'o le de
Akha (China, Southeast Asia) [to staying] Gui lah hui mi a de
Akha (Thailand) [see you later] Ah kah pah tawn zew mah
Aklanon (Philippines) Adyos
Aklanon (Philippines) [see you later] Hasta sa masunod atong pagkita
Alabamu (Texas USA) Tá
Alabamu (Texas USA) [by person leaving] Tá, allalo
Alabamu (Texas USA) [see you later] Chihíichalòo
Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Mirë upafshim
Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Lamtumirë
[Aleut, see Unagan]
Altai (Russia) Jakshï bolzïn
[Alutiiq, see Suqpiaq]
Amharic (Ethiopia) Debna yisenbëtu
Amharic (Ethiopia) Teanastëllën
Amharic (Ethiopia) [to a man] Dehna hun
Amharic (Ethiopia) [to a woman] Dehna hugnee
Amharic (Ethiopia) [to several people] Dehna hunu
Amharic (Ethiopia) [to a man] Dehena wale
Amharic (Ethiopia) [to a woman] Dehena waye
Amharic (Ethiopia) [informal] Selam
Amharic (Ethiopia) [informal] Ciao
Amis (Taiwan) Sanga'ay hanto
[Anishinaabe, see Ojibwe]
Anjumarla (Australia) [I want to go] Ngurna yanku
Anjumarla (Australia) [you can go] Yanta kai
Apache (Arizona USA) [see you later] Ánágodziih doleel
Apache (Arizona USA) [until we meet again] Egogahan
Apache (Arizona USA) [until we meet again] Ka dish day
Apache (Arizona USA) [farewell] Yadalanh
Arabic (North Africa, Middle East) Ma as-salaamah
Arabic (North Africa, Middle East) Salaam
Arabic (North Africa, Middle East) 'Ilaa-liqaa
Arabic (North Africa, Middle East) Allah yisallimak
Arabic (North Africa) M'asselema
Arabic (Egypt) Ma'as salaama
Arabic (Iraq) Fiimaan illaah
Arabic (Morocco) M'a ssalama
Arabic (Morocco) Lla yhennik
Arabic (Syria) [said to a man] Xaatrak
Arabic (Syria) [said to a woman] Xaatrek
[Araucano, see Mapuche]
Arberesh (Hora e Arbereshevet Italy) Çau
Armenian (Armenia, Russia, Mideast) Maanak parov
Armenian (Armenia, Russia, Mideast) Noren gu desnuvink
Armenian (Armenia) [by person leaving] Bedkee yertam hima
Armenian [Western] (Armenia) Tsedesutyun
Armenian [Eastern] (Armenia) Ts'tesutyun
Aromunian (Greece, Balkans) Videari bunã
Asante (Ghana) Me ho wo ekyene
Ashaninca Campa (Peru) Hatahana
Assyrian [Eastern] [stay in peace] Push b'shena
Assyrian [Eastern] [plural][stay in peace] Pushun b'shena
Assyrian [Eastern] [plural][stay in peace] Poshon bshaina
Assyrian [Eastern] [stay in peace] Push b'shlama
Assyrian [Eastern] (Assyria) [go in peace] Khush b'shlama
Assyrian [Eastern] (Assyria) [go in peace] Zil b'shlama
Assyrian [Western] [stay in peace] Fush b'shlomo
Assyrian [Western] (Assyria) [go in peace] Zel bashlomo
Assyrian (Iran, Iraq, Syria) Push bshaina
Assyrian (Iran, Iraq, Syria) [answer] Bshaina, alaha amukh
Asturian (Spain) Adiós
Asturian (Spain) Alón
Asturian (Spain) Ta llueu
Asturian (Spain) Dica llueu
Asturian (Spain) Y con esto alón
Atayal (Taiwan) Sgagay
Atayal (Taiwan) Sgagay ta' la
Atayal (Taiwan) [by a person leaving] Musa' ku' la
Atayal (Taiwan) [reply to person leaving] Aw pi
Athabaskan (Alaska) Tlaa
Atikamekw (Montreal and Quebec Canada) Matcaci
Awa (Papua New Guinea) Ínkio
Awa (Papua New Guinea) Íniúno
Awa (Papua New Guinea) Iraúno
Awa (Papua New Guinea) Ítuo
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Jakisiñkama
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Q"ipürkama
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Q"ipürkam
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Yaqha urukama
Aymará (Bolivia) [to person leaving] Jutaïtapiy
Aymará (Bolivia) [see you later] Waliki
Aymará (Bolivia) Sarjak
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Xudaafiz
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Sag kaliniz
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Sag olun
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Görüsædæk
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Salamat qal
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Salamat qalìn
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Häläìk
[Azeri, see Azerbaijani]
[Aztec, see Náhuatl]

Bagesu (Central Africa) [by person going] Nzia wefwe
Bagesu (Central Africa) [to person going] Nozia mwuliko
Balochi (Pakistan) Allahi mana ay
Bakweri (Cameroon) E liya gbamu
Bakweri (Cameroon) O liya gbamu
Bambara (Mali) Khanbiafo
Bambara (Mali) K'an ben
Bambara (Mali) [see you tomorrow] K'an ben sini
[Bangla, see Bengali]
[Basa Sunda, see Sundanese]
Bashkir (Russia) Khau bulyghyz
Bashkir (Russia) [informal] Khush
Basque (France, Spain) Agur
Basque (France, Spain) Gero arte
Basque (France, Spain) [until tomorrow] Bihar arte
Batak (Indonesia, Sumatra, Philippines) Horas ma ate
[Bavarian, see German (Bavaria)]
Belorussian (Belarus) Da pabaczenia
Belorussian (Belarus) Da pabachénnia
Belorussian (Belarus) Zdarou
Belorussian (Belarus) Pakul
Belorussian (Belarus) [informal] Byváy
Belorussian (Belarus) [informal] Byvajcie
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Nomoskaar
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Shubho bidai
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Bidai
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Khoda hafez
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Ta-ta
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) [so long] Abar dyakha habe
Besisi (Malaysia) Chok lepm lepm lepm
Bété (Cameroon) Mana
[Bisayan, see Visayan]
Bislama (Vanuatu) Tata
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; to one] Mbae mi lukem yu
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; to one] Mbae mi lukem yu bakegen
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; to two] Mbae mi lukem yutufala
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; to two] Mbae mi lukem yutufala bakegen
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; three] Mbae mi lukem yutrifala
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; three] Mbae mi lukem yutrifala bakegen
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; more] Mbae mi lukem yufala
Bislama (Vanuatu) [see you later; more] Mbae mi lukem yufala bakegen
Bislama (Vanuatu) [by person leaving] Mi mas go noa
Bislama (Vanuatu) [leaving to one person] Mi mas lego yu noa
Bislama (Vanuatu) [leaving to two people] Mi mas lego yutufala noa
Bislama (Vanuatu) [leaving to three] Mi mas lego yutrifala noa
Bislama (Vanuatu) [leaving to more than 3] Mi mas lego yufala noa
Bislama (Vanuatu) [answer by p. staying] Ale, i gud
Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina) Dovidjenja
Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina) Ciao
Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina) [Muslim] Allah imanet
Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina) [see you] Vidimo se
Breton (Brittany France) Kenavo
Breton (Brittany France) [see you later] Ken ar c'hentañ
Bru (Vietnam) [to a person who is leaving] Chu bán no
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Alinde
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Axulinde
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Olindwe
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Weele axulinde
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Bulayi
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) [walk well] Okende bulayi
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Dovizhdane
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Zbogom
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) [informal] Chiao
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) [so long] Doskoro
Bulu (Cameroon) [to person staying] Me keya
Bulu (Cameroon) [to person leaving] Kele mvae
Burmese (Myanmar) [are you going home?] Pyan daw mala?
Burmese (Myanmar) [answer: I am leaving] Thwabaounme
Burmese (Myanmar) [reply: okay, go] Thwaba
Burmese (Myanmar) [reply: okay, go] Kaun ba bi
Burmese (Myanmar) [see you later] Twáme naw
Burmese (Myanmar) [see you later] Nauq twe dhe da paw
Burmese (Myanmar) [we will meet again] Nau'to twibaounme
Burushashki (Northern Pakistan) Khuda hafiz
[Byelorussian, see Belorussian]

Cahuila (North America) Híwña
[Cambodian, see Khmer]
Camuno (Italy) Sciao
Camuno (Italy) Ciao
Cantonese [Chinese] (China) Joi gin
Cantonese [Chinese] (China) Joi wooi
Cantonese [Chinese] (China) Baai baai
Cassubian (northwestern Poland) Do uzdrzeni
Cayuga (North America) Nya-weh
Catalan (Andorra, Spain, France) Adéu
Catalan (Andorra, Spain, France) Adéu-siau
Catalan (Andorra, Spain, France) Fins després
Catalan (Andorra, Spain, France) Fins aviat
[Cebuano, see Visayan]
Chamorro (Guam) Adios
Chamorro (Guam) [until tomorrow] Esta agupa
Chatino (Tataltepec Mexico) Ca ndyi
Chechen (North Caucasus) Marsha 'oila
Chechen (North Caucasus) 'A dika yöila
Chechen (North Caucasus)[see you tomorrow] Qaana gurdu wai
Cherokee (United States) [to one person] Do-na-da-go-hv-i
Cherokee (United States) [to one person] Do-na-da-go-hv
Cherokee (United States) [to one person] I-he-do-lv-i
Cherokee (United States) [to several p.] Do-da-da-go-hv-i
Cherokee (United States) [to several p.] Do-da-da-go'-hv
Cherokee (United States) [to several p.] I-je-do-lv-i
Cherokee (United States) [until we meet] Do-nv-da-go-hv-i
Cherokee (United States) [farewell] U-hyu'-s-ti
Cheyenne (United States) Nestaevavoomatse
Cheyenne (United States) Nêstaévâhósevóomâtse
Cheyenne (United States) [come again] Né'évâhósêho'êhneo'o
Cheyenne (United States) [I'm leaving] Naase
Chichewa (Malawi) (to person leaving) Pitani bwino
Chichewa (Malawi) (to person leaving) Fikani bwino
Chichewa (Malawi) (to person staying) Tsalani bwino
Chichewa (Malawi) [see you later] Tionana
[Chinese, see dialects: Cantonese, Hoi San, Hokkien, Mandarin, and Taiwanese]
Chinook Jargon (North America) Klahowya
Chinyanja (Zambia, Mozambique)[to leaving] Fikani bwino
Chinyanja (Zambia, Mozambique)[by leaving] Tsalani bwino
Chinyanja (Zambia, Mozambique)[see you] Tionana
Chinyanja (Congo-Kinshasa) Tizaonana
Chinyanja (Congo-Kinshasa) Endani bwino
[Chippewa, see Ojibwe]
Chishona (Southern Africa) [stay well] Chisarai
Chishona (Southern Africa) [stay well] Sarai zvakanaka
Chishona (Southern Africa) [go well] Fambai zvakanaka
Chishona (Southern Africa) [see you later] Tichaonana
Chishona (Southern Africa) [see you tom.] Tonana mangwana
Chitonga (Zambia) Mucaale kabotu
Chitonga (Zambia) [see you tomorrow] Nzokubona junza
Chitumbuka (North Malawi) Pawemi
Chol (Tumbala Mexico) Coto
Chontal (Guatemala) Síñalyómm'é'
Chortí (Guatemala) [by person leaving] C'anix inxin
Chortí (Guatemala) [to person leaving] Awiran ap'a ta b'i'r
Chortí [answer to Awiran ap'a ta b'i'r] Uyup'i
Chuj (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] 'At quin
Chuj (Guatemala) [take care] Col a b'a
Chuj (Guatemala) [answer to Col a b'a] Nye
Chukchee (Russia) Ta ga'm tewkwe'erkin
Chumash (Santa Barbara California USA) Kiwa'nan
Chuuk (Chuuk Micronesia) Kone nomw
Chuvash (Russia) Tepre kurichen
Chuvash (Russia) [informal] Syva pul
[Circassian, see Adyghe]
Cochimi (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Iñay kum
Cocopa (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Ñakum paj
Cocopa (Mexico) [see you later] Ñakum ñiway
Coeur d'Alene (Idaho United States) Qhest
Comanche (United States) Aquetan
Comoran (Comoros) [singular] Lala unono
Comoran (Comoros) [plural] Namlala unono
Comoran (Comoros) [singular] Kwaheri
Comoran (Comoros) [plural] Namkwaheri
Cornish [Kemmyn-old] (Great Britain) Sowyn
Cornish [modern] (Great Britain) Deew boz geno
Cornish (Great Britain) Dyw genes
Cornish (Great Britain) Benetugana
Cornish (Great Britain) Genes farwel
Cornish (Great Britain) [plural] Genough farwel
Cornish (Great Britain) [intimate] Dew genough-why
Corsican (France) Adiu
Corsican (France) À vedeci
Cree (Canada) (to one person) Kíhtwám ka-wápamitin
Cree (Canada) (to more than one person) Kíhtwám ka-wápamitináwáw
Cree (Canada) (by more than one person) Kíhtwám ka-wápamitinán
Cree [Ouje-Bougoumou] (James Bay Canada) Wachiya
Cree (Turtle Mountain Canada) Kawawpamitin
[Creek, see Muskogee]
Crioulo (Guinea-Bissau) Na-bai
[Creole (Seychelles), see Seselwa]
Crioulo (Guinea-Bissau) Nabai
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) Do videnja
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) Zbogom
Czech (Czech Republic) Zbohem
Czech (Czech Republic) Na shledanou
Czech (Czech Republic) [informal] Nashle
Czech (Czech Republic) [informal] Ahoj
Czech (Czech Republic) Zijte blaze

Dagaare (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Kyeng song
Dagaare (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Te be la puori
Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [common] Farvel
Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [informal] Hej
Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [informal] Vi ses
Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [informal] Vi ses senere
Danish (Denmark, Greenland) Adjø
Deg Xinag (Alaska) Ixudzan
Dekelh [Lheidli] (Canada) [to one] Nanyoost'en si
Dekelh [Lheidli] (Canada) [to more than 1] Nanahoost'en si
Dekelh [Nak'albun] (Canada) [to 1] Nanyoost'en' la
Dekelh [Nak'albun] (Canada) [more than 1] Nanohoost'en' la
Dekelh [Saik'uz] (Canada) [to one] Nanyoost'en si
Dekelh [Saik'uz] (Canada) [to more than 1] Nanahoost'en si
[Delaware, see Lenape]
[Deutch, see German]
Dhivehi (Maldives) Vakivelaanan
Dhivehi (Maldives) [see you later] Fahung baadaluvang
Dinka (Sudan) [to person staying] Lok reer apth
Dinka (Sudan) [to person leaving] Yin abi caath
Dinka (Sudan) [we shall meet tomorrow] Wa biok niak
Dinka (Sudan) [I shall meet you tomorrow] Iana biok niak
Diola (Senegal) Ukatola
Diola (Senegal) Katora
Domari (Egypt)
Kgiay hatromi
Drehu (New Caledonia) Dréé
Drehu (New Caledonia) [until tomorrow] E lanyié
Drehu (New Caledonia) [until tomorrow] Elanyi he
Drehu (New Caledonia) [farewell] Iahni
Dusun (Sabah Malaysia) Hino koh noh
Dusun (Sabah Malaysia) [see you later] Kopiruba kawagu
Dutch (Netherlands) Tot ziens
Dutch (Netherlands) Tot kijk
Dutch (Netherlands) Tot straks
Dutch (Netherlands) Dag
Dutch (Netherlands) Hoi
Dutch (Netherlands) Vaarwel
Dutch (Netherlands) Aju
Dutch (Netherlands) [informal] Doei
Dutch (Netherlands) [slang] De ballen
Dutch (Netherlands) [uncommon] De mazzel
Dutch [Flemish] (Belgium) Tot ziens
Dutch [Flemish] (Belgium) Tot kijk
Dutch (Brabant) Houdoe
Dutch (Brussels) Salukes
[Dyerma, see Zarma]
Dyirbal (Northeast Queensland Australia) Ngali añdja ngurba
Dyula (W Africa) [see you in the morning] An bè sogoma
Dyula (W Africa) [see you tomorrow] An bè sini
Dzongkha (Bhutan) [by person leaving] Legzhembe joen
Dzongkha (Bhutan) [by person staying] Legzhembe zhug
Dzongkha (Bhutan) Laso lok je ge

Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Senebti
Ekegusii (Kenya) Kwaheri
Ekegusii (Kenya) [stay well] Tigara buya
Ekegusii (Kenya) [see you later] Tororane
Ekegusii (Kenya) [we shall meet again] Toumerane
Emakhua (Africa) Kwa heeri
English (America, Australia, NZ, UK) Goodbye
English (America, Australia, NZ, UK) Good-by
English (America, Australia, NZ, UK) Good-bye
English (America, Australia, UK)[informal] Bye
English (United States, New Zealand) [inf] See ya
English (America) See you later
English (America) So long
English (Australia) Catch-you-later
English (Australia) Ciao
English (Australia) [very informal] Hooroo
English (America, Australia, UK) [final] Farewell
English [Strine dialect] (Australia) G'bye
English [Texan] (Texas United States) Y'all come back now
English (Northern Scotland) Cheerio
English (America, Britain) [archaic] God be with ye
English (Sri Lanka) Go and come
English [old English] (old Britain)[sing.] Wes ðu hal
English [old English] (old Britain)[sing.] Wes gesund
English [old English] (old Britain)[plur.] Beoð ge gesunde
[Eskimo, see Inuktitut and Inuttut]
Esperanto (international use) G^is
Esperanto (international use) G^is revido
Esperanto (international use) G^is la revido
Esperanto (international use) G^is baldau^
Esperanto (international use) [farewell] Adiau^
Esperanto (international use) [informal] G^is la
Estonian (Estonia) Head aega
Estonian (Estonia) Nägemiseni
Estonian (Estonia) Jumalaga
Estonian (Estonia) Tšau
Estonian (Estonia) Aidaa
Ewe (Ghana, Togo) Mia doga
Ewondo (Cameroun) Ne lam ke

Fang (Gabon) Magha
Fante (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Da yaee
Faroese (Faroe Islands) Farvael
Farsi (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) Khoda hafaz
Farsi (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) Be omide didar
Fijian (Fiji) Au sa liu mada
Fijian (Fiji) Moce mada
Fijian (Fiji) Sa moce
Fijian (Fiji) [reply] Ia, moce
Fijian (Fiji) Loloma yani
Fijian (Fiji) [by person leaving] Au se lako mada
Fijian (Fiji) [by person leaving] Au se gole mada
Fijian (Fiji) [by person leaving - polite] Au sa tatau meu sa lako
Fijian (Fiji) [by person leaving - polite] Au sa tatau meu sa lesu tale
Fijian (Fiji) [reply] Vinaka
Fijian (Fiji) [reply] Io vinaka sa vinaka
Fijian (Fiji) [reply] Vinaka vakalevu
Fijian (Fiji) [before brief absense] Au na lesu tale mai
[Filipino, see Ilokano, Tagalog, and Visayan]
Finnish (Finland) [common] Näkemiin
Finnish (Finland) Hyvästi
Finnish (Finland) Jäähyväiset
Finnish (Finland) [until I hear from you] Kuulemiin
Finnish (Finland) [informal] Hei, hei
Finnish (Finland) [informal] Heippa
[Flemish, see Dutch (Belgium)]
Fon (Benin, Togo) Odabo
French (Europe, Africa, America) Au revoir
French (Europe, Africa, America) À bientôt
French (France, Quebec) Bye
French (France, Quebec) Salut
French (Quebec) Bye bye
French (Quebec) À la prochaine
French (Quebec) Bonne journée
French (Southern France) Allez ciao
Frisian [Westerlauwer] (Netherlands) Oant sjen
Frisian [Westerlauwer] (Netherlands) Oant letter
Frisian (Schleswig-Holstein Germany) Bit naist tooch
Frisian (Schleswig-Holstein Germany) Bit do
Friulian (Italy) Mandi
Friulian (Italy) A bon riviodisi
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) Ñallen jam
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) Wonen jam
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) [answer] Qaamiin
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) An untuma
Fulani (West Africa) Mi yahee
Futuna (Wallis and Futuna) [to p. leaving] 'Ano la
Futuna (Wallis and Futuna) [by p. leaving] Nofo la
Futuna Aniwa (Vanuatu) Jinisa
Futuna Aniwa (Vanuatu) [to two people] Rinisa
Futuna Aniwa (Vanuatu) [to three people] Jikanisa
Futuna Aniwa (Vanuatu) [to more than 3] Niganisa

Ga (Ghana) Bye-bye
Gagauz (Moldova) Saalyzhaklan
Gagauz (Moldova) [informal] Görüshünzha
Galician (Spain) Adeus
Galician (Spain) Ata logo
Galician (Spain) Aburz
Gallo (France) A bentost
Gallo (France) A s'enterveir
Garifuna (Guatemala) Ayaú
Garifuna (Guatemala) [lit. I am going] Naíbuga
Garifuna (Guatemala) [lit. take care] Taúnigigua bá búngua
Gascon (France) Adishatz
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Nakhvamdis
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Kargad iqaveet
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) [formal] Mshvidobit
Gerogian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Jerjerobit
German (Central Europe) Auf Wiedersehen
German (Central Europe) Wiedersehen
German (Central Europe) [informal] Tschüß
German (Central Europe) [informal] Mach's gut
German (Central Europe) [informal] Bis später
German (northern Germany) [informal] Bis dann
German [Badisch] (Germany) [spoken lang.] Ada
German [Swabian] [informal] [spoken] Tschüßle
German (southwest Germany) [spoken] Adé
German (Austria)[informal spoken language] Pfueatti
German (Austria)[informal spoken language] Pfueatte
German (Austria)[informal spoken language] Pfiati
German (Vienna Austria) [spoken] Seavas pfiati
German (Vienna Austria) [spoken] Bis speda
German (Austria, Bavaria) Servus
German (Bavaria) [singular] [spoken] Pfüat Di
German (Bavaria) [plural] [spoken] Pfüat enk
German (Bavaria) [spoken language] Bis nåcha
German (Bavaria) [spoken language] Bfiaddi
German [Oscher] (Aachen) [spoken lang.] Tschoe wa
German (Switzerland) [in spoken language] Uf widerlüge
German (Bern Switzerland) [spoken lang.] Uf widerlu-ege
German (Bern Switzerland) [spoken lang.] Adiöh
German (Zurich Switzerland) [spoken] Uuf widerlu-egä
German (Zurich Switzerland) [formal] Adi-ë
German (Zurich Switzerland) Tschau
German (Zurich Switzerland) Tschüss
German (Zurich Switzerland) [spoken] Bis dänn
German (Zurich Switzerland) [spoken] Bis spöter
German (Zurich Switzerland) [spoken] Aadie
German [Südhessisch] (Germany) [spoken] Uff werrergugge!
German (Saarland) [in spoken language] Bis moaje
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Khairete
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Andio sas
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Geia
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Geia sou
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Geia hara
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Iss to epanidin
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Adio
Greek (Ancient Greece) Xaire
[Greenlandic, see Inuttut]
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a man] Sta'su kalo'
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a woman] Sta'su kali'
Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Jajoechajevypeve
Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Jajuechapeve
Gujarati (Gujerat State, India) Awjo
Gujarati (India) [see you later] Fari malshun
Gujarati (India) [see you tomorrow] Kaale malyaa
Gurenne (Northern Ghana) Beere n bala
Gurenne (Northern Ghana) [to p. leaving] Paae songa
[Gypsy, see Romani]

Hakka (China, Malaysia) Zoi kien
[Hal-Pulaar, see Fulani]
Harari [Adare] (Ethiopia) Aman
Hassaniya (Mauratania) Masalam
Hausa (West Africa) Segobe
Hausa (West Africa) Sai watarana
Hausa (West Africa) [see you later] Sai an jimà
Hausa (West Africa) [response] To, sai an jimà
Hausa (West Africa) [see you tomorrow] Sai gòbe
Hausa (West Africa) [see you this evening] Sai dà yâmma
Hausa (West Africa) [see you next morning] Sai dà safe
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Aloha
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Aloha nõ
Hawaiian (Hawaii) [to one person] Aloha 'oe
Hawaiian (Hawaii) [to more than one p.] Aloha kãkou
Hawaiian (Hawaii) A hui hou
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Hui hou aku
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Ã hui hou kãkou
Hebrew (Israel) Shalom
Hebrew (Israel) Lehitraot
Hebrew (Israel) Lehit
Hebrew (Israel) Bye
Hebrew (Israel) Bye bye
Hebrew (Israel) Chau
Hebrew (Isreal) [to male who is leaving] Tzetcha leshalom veshuvcha leshalom
Hebrew (Isreal) [to female who is leaving] Tzetech leshalom veshuvech leshalom
[Hellenic, see Greek]
Hindi (India, East Asia, Suriname) Pirmelenge
Hindi (India, East Asia, Suriname) Namasté
Hindi (India, East Asia, Suriname) Alavidha
Hindi (India, East Asia, Suriname) Poi carukiren
Hindi (India, East Asia, Suriname) Chalte hain
Hindi (India, East Asia) [see you later] Phir milenge
Hmong Daw (China, Laos, Thailand) Sib ntsib dua
Hmong Daw (China, Laos, Thailand)[go well] Mus zoo
Hmong Du (Vietnam) Caó mun'g chè
Hmong Njua (China, Laos, Thailand) Sib ntsib dlua
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [go well] Moog zoo
Hmong Njua [by person leaving] Kuv yuav rov qaab moog tsev
Hmong Njua [by person staying] Moog ho tuaj nawb
Hñähñu (Mexico) Ya da ma
Hoi San (China) Doi gen
Hokkien [Chinese] (Singapore, Indonesia) Wa ki liao
Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) Peng an
Hopi (United States) [to person leaving] Um ason piw a'ni
Hopi (United States) [by person going] Nu' tus payni
Hopi (United States) [by person going] Nu' pay nímani
Hopi (United States) [response] Ta'á, um ason piw a'ni
Houailou (New Caledonia) Tata
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary) Viszontlátásra
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary) [informal] Viszlát
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary)[to 1 person] Szia
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary)[more than 1] Sziasztok
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary) Szervusz

[Ibo, see Igbo]
Icelandic (Iceland) Bless
Ido (international use) Adio
Igbo [Ibo] (Nigeria) Ka omesia
Igbo (Nigeria) Ka odi
Ilokano (Philippines) Kastan
Ilokano (Philippines) Agpakada akon
Ilokano (Philippines) Innakon
Ilonggo (Philippines) Adiyos
Ilonggo (Philippines) Adyos
Ilonggo (Philippines) Sige
Ilonggo (Philippines) Babay
Ilonggo (Philippines) Panamilit
Ilonggo (Philippines) Ari na ko
Ilonggo (Philippines) Una na ko
Indonesian (Indonesia) [to person leaving] Selamat jalan
Indonesian (Indonesia) [to person staying] Selamat tinggal
Indonesian (Indonesia) Daa daa
Indonesian (Indonesia) Sampai jumpa
Indonesian (Indonesia) [see you later] Sampai jumpa lagi
Indonesian (Indonesia) [see you later] Sampai bertemu lagi
Indonesian (Indonesia) [old] Tabé
Indonesian (Indonesia) [old] Tabik
[Ingalik, see Deg Xinag]
Ingush (Russia) [we'll see each other] Guddy vaj
Ingush (Russia) [remain well] Wa dika xajla
Innu (Labrador and Quebec Canada) Niaut
Innu (Labrador and Quebec Canada) Waachiyaa
Interlingua (constructed) A deo
Interlingua (constructed) A revider nos
Interlingua (constructed) A revider
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) [to one] Tavvauvutit
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) [to several] Tavvauvusi
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) Sksutik
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) Sksuse
Inuktitut (Canada) [see you tomorrow] Qaukpattauq
Inuktitut (Alaska) Tautugniagmigikpiñ
[Inupiaq, see Inuktitut]
Inuttut [Eskimo] (Greenland) Inuulluarit
Inuttut (Greenland) [after long absense] Ajunnginniarnat
Inuttut (Greenland) [after short absense] Takuss
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) [to person staying] Slán agat
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) [to people staying] Slán agaibh
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) [to person leaving] Slán leat
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) [to people leaving] Slán libh
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) Slán go fóill
Italian (Central Europe, E Africa) Arrivederci
Italian (Cent. Europe, E Africa)[familiar] Ciao
Italian (Central Europe, E Africa) [rare] Addio
Italian (Cent. Europe, E Africa) [morning] Buon giorno
Italian (Cent. Europe, E Africa) [evening] Buona sera
Italian (Cent. Europe, E Africa) [night] Buona notte
Italian (Central Europe)[see you tomorrow] A domani
Italian (Central Europe)[see you later] A più tardi
Itzaj [Itzá Maya] (Central America) 'Ad'ios
Itzaj [Itzá Maya] (Central America) 'Ad'iyoos
Itzaj [Itzá Maya] (Central America) Te'yoos
Ixcatec (Mexico) Ha'uu
Ixcatec (Mexico) Hngu che'shi
Ixil (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] Ma't ve't in
Ixil (Guatemala) La el eb'
Ixil (Guatemala) C'uic ax
Ixil (Guatemala) [answer to C'uic ax] Ti

Jacalteca (Guatemala) [by person leaving] Chin tohan
Jacalteca (Guatemala) [take care] Cha wak cwentab'a
Jacalteca [answer to Cha wak cwentab'a] He, nich'an tiox cha wal wetan
Japanese (Japan) Sayonara
Japanese {Japan) [by person leaving] Itte kimasu
Japanese (Japan) [by person staying] Itte irasshai
Japanese (Japan) [so long] Itte rasshai
Japanese (Japan) [reply to itte rasshai] Itte mairimasu
Japanese (Japan) [see you later] Dewa mata
Japanese (Japan) [see you later] Jaa, mata atashita
Japanese (Japan) [see you later] Jaa, mata ashita aimashou
Japanese (Japan) [see you sometime] Dewa sono uchi ni
Japanese (Japan) Jaa nee
Japanese (Japan) Jaa mata
Japanese (Japan) Bai bai
Japanese (Japan) Soreja
Japanese (Japan) Soreja mata
Japanese [Kansai Ben](Kansai, Osaka Japan) Sainara
Japanese [Kansai Ben](Kansai, Osaka Japan) Hona sainara
Japanese [Kyo Kotoba] (Kyoto Japan) Hona sainara
Japanese (Tokyo Japan) Mata ai masho
Javanese (Indonesia) Sampon
Javanese (Indonesia) Sugeng tindak
Jèrriais (Jersey) À bétôt
[Juaneño, see Acjachemem]
[Jula, see Dyula]

Kabyle (Algeria) Gim di lehna
Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) Doi noh ko noh
Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) [see you later] Kopiuba haid
Kala Kawaw Ya (Australia) Yawa
Kalenjin (Africa) Sait sere
Kalmyk (Russia) Syan byayatn
Kalmyk (Russia) [informal] Sen be
Kanienkehaka [Mohawk] (Canada, USA) Onen
Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) Awil ab'a
Kanjobal (Guatemala) [see you later] Jilkob'a
Kannada (India) Hogi barthene
Kanuri (Nigeria) Alla herni
Kapampangan (Philippines) O sige na
Kapampangan (Philippines) Mako naku
Kapampangan (Philippines) Pamun
Kapingamarangi (Pacific Islands) Malia goe
Karaim (Trakai Lithuania) Tiejz vachtan kioriuškiejbiz
Karaim (Trakai Lithuania) Tynch kiechialiar
Karelian (Finland, Russia) Prošaikua
Karen (Myanmar) Paketeinlei
Karen (Thailand) [see you later] Ler kee ma tea low per tha naw
Karen [Sgaw] (Myanmar) [to person going] Leh mu mu
Karierra (Australia) Kutbai
[Kartuli, see Georgian]
Kasem (Ghana, Burkina Faso) [I'm going] A maa viira
Kasem (Ghana, Burkina Faso)[see you later] Ko ke fee naa
Kasem (Ghana, Bur. Faso)[we'll meet again] De daa wo jeeri
Kaurna (Southern Australia) [see you] Nakkota
Kazakh (Kazakstan, Central Asia, China) Qosh sau bolyngdar
Kazakh (Kazakstan, Central Asia, China) Sau bolnynyz
Kazakh (Kazakstan) [informal] Sau bol
Kazakh (Kazakstan) [see you soon] Jäne kezdeseimiz
Kazakh (Kazakstan) [see you tomorrow] Erteng koriskenshe
Kekchi (Guatemala) [by person leaving] Xic we
Kekchi [K'ekchi] (Guatemala) Chawil awib'
Kekchi (Guatemala)[answer to Chawil awib'] A:tinan
Khakas (Siberia Russia) Animçox
Khanty (Russia) Pa jam wõl'h
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Lear heouy
Khmer (Cambodia) Choum reap lia
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Lia suhn haoy
Khmer (Cambodia) [answer by man] Baat
Khmer (Cambodia) [answer by woman] Caah
Khmer [Cambodian](Cambodia)[see you later] Juab khnia thngay kraoy
=Khomani (South Africa) !hoi ca
Kiga (Africa) Ogumeho
Kiga (Africa) Osiibe gye
Kikongo (Congo) Kwenda mbote
Kikongo (Congo) [to person leaving] Nwenda kiambote
Kikongo (Congo) [to person staying] Nsaala kiambote
Kikongo (Cuba) Wenda kyambote
Kikuyu (Kenya) Thii na wega
Kiluba (Zaire) Kolala po
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Murabeho
Kipsigis (Uganda) Sai sere
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) Jakshy kalyngydzar
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) Qosh
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) [see you tomorrow] Erteng körüshkönchö
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) [see you tomorrow] Körüshkönchö
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) [see you soon] Körüshörbüz
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) [see you later] Aq col
Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) [see you later] Sapar baysalduu bolusn
Kiribati (Kiribati Pacific Is.) Ti a boo
Kiribati (Kiribati Pacific Is.) Ti a kabo
Kirundi (Burundi) N'agasaka
Kirundi (Burundi) N'agaruka
Kisanga (Congo-Kinshasa) [by staying] Yai po
Kisanga (Congo-Kinshasa) [by leaving] Shalai po
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Kwaheri
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) [to several] Kwaherini
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Tutaonana
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Tutaonana badai
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Tutaonana tena
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Kwaheri ya kuonana
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) [tomorrow] Kesho
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) [later] Baadaye
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) [informal] Haya
Kituba (Africa) [to person staying] Bikala mbote
Kituba (Africa) [to person leaving] Kwenda mbote
Klallam (Washington United States) Húy?
Klallam (Washington United States) Húy? kwi
Klallam (Washington United States) Húy? kwe?che
Klallam (Washington USA)[see you tomorrow] K'wennúnge ca?en ?a? chi kwáchi
Koasati (Alabama & Oklahoma USA) Mán í:lah
Kohistani (Central Asia) Hudar hawala
Komi-Permyak (Russia) Adzzislytödz
Komi-Permyak (Russia) [informal] Kytchödz
Komi-Zyryan (Russia) Adzzyslytödz
Komi-Zyryan (Russia) [informal] Stav bursö
Konkani [Konknni] (India) Vachchuneta
Korean (Korea) (to person staying) Annyonghi kasipsio
Korean (Korea) (to person leaving) Annyonghi kyesipsio
Koryak (Russia) Toq
Kosraen (Micronesia) Kut fwa osun
Krio (Sierra Leone) We go si bak
Krio (Sierra Leone) [by person going] De go
Krio (Sierra Leone) [lit. 'that's all] Nain dat
Krioulu (Cape Verde) [see you later] Te' logu
Krioulu (Cape Verde) [see you later] Até prosima vez
Kumeyaay (Mexico, California)[by leaving] Nya'aamh
Kumeyaay (Mexico, California)[to leaving] Nyamaamh keyima
Kumeyaay (Mexico, California)[to several] Keyima kenaam
Kumeyaay (Mexico, California) Yah-mon-héne
Kumeyaay (Mexico, California) [reply] Me-ah
Kumeyaay (Mexico, USA) [see you tomorrow] Iña'ay mat uwuwma
Kurdish (Middle East) Bi xatire be
Kurdish (Middle East) Shevbash
Kupsapiny (Uganda) Chemutakwe
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) Enda nawa
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) Ka ende nawa
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [to staying] Kala po nawa
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [to staying] Kaleni po nawa
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [to staying] Kalei po nawa
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [to leaving] Ha endeni nawa
Kwanyama [#1: morning, to one person] Shilwapo nawa
Kwanyama [#2: answer to #1] Na ave shilwapo nawa
Kwanyama [#3: answer to #2] Kashilwepo nawa
Kwanyama [#4: answer to #3] Na ave kashilwepo nawa
Kwanyama [#1: morning, to several people] Shilweipo nawa
Kwanyama [#2: answer to #1] Na ave shilweipo nawa
Kwanyama [#3: answer to #2] Kashilweipo nawa
Kwanyama [#4: answer to #3] Na ave kashilweipo nawa
Kwanyama [#1: afternoon, to one person] Uhalapo nawa
Kwanyama [#2: answer to #1] Na ave uhalapo nawa
Kwanyama [#3: answer to #2] Kashilwepo nawa
Kwanyama [#4: answer to #3] Na ave kauhalepo nawa
Kwanyama [#1: night, to one person] Tokelwapo nawa
Kwanyama [#2: answer to #1] Na ave tokelwapo nawa
Kwanyama [#1: night, to one person] Nangalapo nawa
Kwanyama [#2: answer to #1] Na ave nangalapo nawa
Kwéyòl (Caribbean) Ovwa
Kwéyòl (Haiti) Orevwa
Kwéyòl (Haiti) Babay
Kwéyòl (Haiti) Tchaw
Kwéyòl (Haiti) [see you later] Na wè pita
Kwéyòl (Haiti) [see you later] Alò, m a ouè-ou pi ta
Kwéyòl (Haiti) [see you later] N a ouè
Kwéyòl (Haiti) [see you later] N a ouè, si Dieu vlé

Lacandon (Chiapas Mexico) [by p. leaving] Shén
Lacandon (Chiapas Mexico) [by p. staying] Bin in ká
Lacandon (Chiapas Mexico) [see you later] Hasta mas oh-k'in
Ladakhi (India, Pakistan) Djuledja
Ladakhi (India, Pakistan) Djuley
Ladin (Italy) Assudëi
Ladino (Israel, Turkey) Shalom lejitraot
Ladino (Israel, Turkey) Kon bien te ke amaneskas
Ladino (Israel, Turkey) [response] Y ke amaneskas
Ladino (Israel, Turkey) Salud y vida
Ladino (Israel, Turkey) Salud y ganansia
Ladino (Israel, Turkey)[to person leaving] El kio ke te guadre
Lakhota (USA) [until we meet again] Ake wachia kin 'kte
Lakhota (USA) [so long] Tok'sa
Lakhota (USA) [good day, Good Red Day] Anpetu luta waste
Lahu (Southeast Asia) (to person staying) K'aweh ve
Lahu (Southeast Asia) (to person leaving) A yehk'ai meh
Lahu (Southeast Asia) [I am going] Qay a sha
Lahu (Southeast Asia) [ans: go carefully] Ayéyé qay
Lahu (Thailand) [see you later] Gaw maw dah ah leh
Lao (Laos) La gohn
[Lappish, see Sami]
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) [to one] Vale
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) [to group] Valete
Latvian (Latvia) Sveiki
Latvian (Latvia) Uz redzešanos
Latvian (Latvia) [see you tomorrow] Lidz ritam
Latvian (Latvia) [informal] Ata
Lenakel (Pacific Islands) [to one person] Iimwan
Lenakel (Pacific Islands) [to two people] Iimwamilau
Lenakel (Pacific Islands) [to 3 people] Iimwamihel
Lenakel (Pacific Islands) [to 4+ people] Iimwamiar
Lenape [Delaware] (Delaware United States) Làpìch knewël
Lingala (Congo, Angola) [by staying] Tíkala malámu
Lingala (Congo, Angola) [by leaving] Kendé malámu
Lingala (Congo, Angola) [by leaving] Kendéke malámu
Lingala (Congo, Angola) [see you later] Tokomónono na nsíma
Lingua Franca (Mediterrean) [formerly] Adios
Lisu (China, Burma, Thailand) Nat sir
Lisu (China, Burma, Thailand) [by leaving] Lat jjei ddor wa
Lisu (China, Burma, Thailand) [by staying] Assa assa jjei
Lisu (Thailand) [see you again] Dee kwah chee kwa mu la kwa
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Viso gero
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Sudie
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Sudiev
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [formal] Iki pasimatymo
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [formal] Iki greito pasimatymo
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [informal] Iki
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [informal] Kol kas
Livonian (Latvia) Nemizpäl
Livonian (Latvia) Ie terinch
Livonian (Latvia) Jumalõks
Livonian (Latvia) Ammõ jõvvõ
Loglan (international) Loa
Lojban (international) Co'o
Low Saxon (North Germany, Netherlands) Moi
Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) Up weersehn
Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) Hol di good
Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) Bis later
Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) [formal] Hollen Jo good
Low Saxon [Northern](Fehrs Guild)(Germany) Adjüß
Low Saxon [Northern](Lowlands) (Germany) Adjuess
Low Saxon [Westphalian] (Germany) Gued Gaohn
Low Saxon [Westphalian] (Germany) [answer] Auk Sau
Low Saxon [Westphalian] (Germany) Bis denn
Luganda (Uganda) [to one person] Weraba
Luganda (Uganda) [to several people] Mweraba
Luganda (Uganda) [see you later] Tunaalabagana
Luiseño (S Cal. USA) [I am going] Wam' noo 'angee
Luiseño (S Cal. USA) [answer: go then] Hati'ax
Luiseño (S Cal. USA) [see you later] Yu'pannupo 'oy tiiwin
Lunyankole (South Uganda) [to one] Ogumeho
Lunyankole (South Uganda) [to several] Mugumeho
Lunyoro (West Uganda) Weraba
Luo (Sudan, Kenya) Oriti
Luritja (Australia) Bulya yo
Lushootseed (Seattle Washington USA) Huy
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Eddi
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Äddi
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Arwuar
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Awuar
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Awar
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Bis herno
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Bis dann

[Maa, see Masai]
Macedonian (Macedonia) Dogledanje
Macedonian (Macedonia) Doviduvanje
Macedonian (Macedonia) [informal] Chao
[Magyar, see Hungarian]
Makah (Washington USA) Hooy
Malagasy (Madagascar) Veloma
Malagasy (Madagascar) Veloma tompoko
Malagasy (Madagascar) Màndrapihàona
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) [by p. leaving] Selamat tinggal
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) [by p. staying] Selamat jalan
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Selamat sejahtera
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Permisi
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Sampai nanti
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) [see you later] Jumpa lagi
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) [see you later] Sampai jumpa lagi
Malayalam (India) Pottei
Malayalam (India) Namaskaram
Malayalam (India) Warete
Malinké (Senegal, Mali) Mbarawa
Maltese (Malta) Sahha
Maltese (Malta) Caw
Maltese (Malta) Narga naghrak
Maltese (Malta) [see you later] Narak iktar tard
Mam (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] Kuna
Mam (Guatemala) [response to Kuna] Kuu
Mam (Guatemala) Kunó
Mam (Guatemala) [response to Kunó] Kuwó
Mam (Guatemala) Klátza
Mam (Guatemala) [said by person leaving] Cúu, ma chin áaje
Mam (Guatemala) [said to person leaving] Baaya
Mam (Guatemala) [strength to you] Q'onk típena
Mam (Guatemala) [strength to all of you] Q'onk chípena
Mam (Guatemala) [take care] Wéenn, lom tíib'a
Mam (Guatemala) [take care] B'ix til tiib'a
Mam (Guatemala)[ans. to Wé:nn, lom tí:b'a] Cúu, chjóonte, icx téeye
Mam (Guatemala) [see you tomorrow] Nchi' qoyoolan
Mambwe (Tanzania, Zambia) [to leaving] Tukate
Mambwe (Tanzania, Zambia) [to leaving] Tukateni
Mambwe (Tanzania, Zambia) [to leaving] Tukatini
Mandarin (China) Zai jian
Mandarin (China) Zai hui
Mandarin (China) Bai bai
Mandarin (China) [see you tomorrow] Min tian jian
Mandinka (West Africa) Fo tuma du
Mandinka (West Africa) Mbi taa
Mandinka (West Africa) Alama, niajamala
Mangareva (French Polynesia) Aroha
Manx (Britain) Slane lhiat
Manx (Britain) Bannaght lhiat
Manx (Britain) [singular] Hee'm oo
Manx (Britain) [plural] Hee'm shiu
Maohi (South Pacific) Nana
Maohi (South Pacific) Parahi
Maori (New Zealand) Aroha nui
Maori (New Zealand) (by person staying) Haere ra
Maori (New Zealand) (by person staying] Haere ki to kainga
Maori (New Zealand) (by person leaving) E noho ra
Maori (New Zealand) (by person leaving) Noho ake ra
Maori (New Zealand) (by person leaving) Hei konei ra
Maori (New Zealand) (by person leaving) Hei kona ra
Maori (New Zealand) Aroha nui
Maori (New Zealand) Ka kite
Maori (New Zealand) [see you again] Ka kite ano
Maori (Cook Islands) [to person going] 'Aere ra
Maori (Cook Islands) [to person staying] 'E no'o ake ra
Maori (Cook Islands) [to person staying] 'E no'o ra
Maori (Cook Islands) [when both are going] 'Aere atu ra
Maori (Cook Islands) [see you later] Ka kite 'aka'ou a konei atu
Maori (Cook Islands) Parahi
Maori (Cook Islands) Nana
Mapuche (Argentina, Chile) [see you later] Peukallal
Mapuche (Argentina, Chile) Amuchi may
[Mapudungun, see Mapuche]
Marathi (India) Achha
Marathi (India) Bye
Marathi (India) Nan tara bhetuyaa
Mari [Hill Mari] (Russia) Tseveryn
Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia) Cheveryn
Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia) Ch'evéryn
Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia) Salam
Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia) [informal] Kyzytem
Marquesan (French Polynesia) Kaoha
Marshallese (Marshall Islands) Yokwe
Marshallese (Marshall Islands) Bar yokwe
Masai [Maa, Maasai] (Kenya, Tanzania) Sere
Masai [Maa, Maasai] (Kenya, Tanzania) Lesere
Masai [Maa, Maasai] (Kenya, Tanzania) Olesere
Mashi (Congo-Kinshasa) [to one staying] Osigalage
Mashi (Congo-Kinshasa) [to one leaving] Ogendaga bwinja
Mashi (Congo-Kinshasa) [to sev. staying] Musigalage
Mashi (Congo-Kinshasa) [to sev. leaving] Mugendage bwinja
[Mayan, see Achí, Aguacateca, Akateka, Chorí, Chuj, Ixil, Jacalteca, Kanjobal,
Kekchi, Lacandon, Mam, Mopá-maya, Pocomchí, Quiché, Tzotzil,
and Yucatec Maya]
Mazahua (Mexico) Maxkjo
Mazahua (Mexico) Chjëji
Mazahua (Mexico) Chjëtji
Meriam Mir (Australia) Yawo
[Miao, see Hmong]
Michif [Turtle Mt. Chippewa Cree] (Canada) Ourwayr
Michif [Turtle Mt. Chippewa Cree] (Canada) Kawawpamitin
Mien [Yao] (Laos) [by person leaving] Mingh nziaauc oc
Mien [Yao] (Laos) [by person staying] Mingh longz oc
Mien [Yao] (Laos) [to person leaving] Dih hnoi aengz daaih nziaauc oc
Mien (Laos) Baengh orn
Mien (Laos) [see you later] Manc buangh jiex
Mien (Thailand) [see you again] Ming na oh tee hoi ee ah eng tai chao
Mien (Vietnam) Puang toi
Mina (Togo) Sodelo
Mina (Togo) Sodé
Mina (Togo) [see you later] Mia do go
Minangkabau (West Sumatra Indonesia) Salamaik tingga
Minangkabau (Sumatra) [see you later] Sampai bajumpo lai
Mingo (United States) [see you tomorrow] Ëkôkë' ne ëyúhë't
Miskito (Nicaragua) Aisabi
Miskito (Nicaragua) Aisabé
Miwok [N Sierra] (N Sierra California USA) Wo'lum
Mixtec (Estetla Mexico) [formal] Kande ini
Mixtec (Estetla Mexico) [answer] Kande ini yo tuku
Mixtec (Estetla Mexico) [see you] Kau
Mixtec (Estetla Mexico) [farewell] Kande tne tíu
Mixtec (Mexico) [see you later] Nan chi kia
[Mohawk, see Kanienkehaka]
Mon (Burma, Thailand) Tata
Monegasque (Monaco) A se revede
Mongolian (Mongolia, Northern China) Bayartai
Mongolian (Mongolia, Northern China) Daraa uulzaya
Mongolian (Mongolia) [come again soon] Dakhiad ireerei
Mongolian (Mongolia) [to person leaving] Sain yavaarai
Mongolian (Mongolia) [to person staying] Sain suuzh baigaarai
Mongolian (Mongolia) [by person leaving] Yavakh tsag bolchikhood baina
Mongolian (Mongolia) [see you tomorrow] Margaash uulzaya
Moore [Mossi] (Burkina Faso) Unpusda barka
Moore [Mossi] (Burkian Faso) Wend na taase
Mopá-maya (Guatemala) [by person leaving] B'a'tin b'eel
Mopá-maya (Guat.) [ans. to b'a'tin b'eel] Qui'
Mopá-maya (Guat.) [ans. to b'a'tin b'eel] Ee'
Mopá-maya (Guatemala) Ca'wila' a b'ajil
Mopá-maya [answer to Ca'wila' a b'ajil] Qui' b'o'tic
Mordvin (Russia) Vastomazonok
Mordvin (Russia) [informal] Neemazonok
[Mossi, see Moore]
Muskogee (Oklahoma & Florida USA) Hvtvm cehecares
Muskogee (Oklahoma & Florida USA) Cehecares

Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador] Titotazqueh
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador] Totazqueh
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mex., El Salv.] (plural) Ti totatzinozqueh
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador] Cualli ca quin occepa
Náhuatl (Tepoztlan Mexico) [see you later] Toittazqueh
Náhuatl (Tepoztlan Mexico) [see you later] Techtoittaz
Náhuatl (Tepoztlan Mexico) [see you later] Quinoccepa
Náhuatl (Tepoztlan Mexico) [see you soon] Zan nikan
Náhuatl (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Quinmoztla
Náhuatl (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Amoxtla
Náhuatl (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Hasta moztla
Náhuatl (Mexico) [go safely] Ximopanolti
Náhuatl [old: Aztec Empire] Ma xipahtinemi
Náhuatl [old: Aztec Empire] Ma moyolicatzin
Náhuatl [old: Aztec Empire] Ma totecuiyo amechmopieli
Náhuatl [old: Aztec Empire] Ma totecuiyo mitzmohuiquili
Náhuatl [Aztec Empire] [see you tomorrow] Moztla nimitzittaz occepa
Nandi (Kenya) Saisere
Nandi (Kenya) [answer to saisere] Saiseri
Navajo (United States) Hágoónee'
Navajo (United States) [response] Lá'aa, hágoónee'
Naxi (Yunnan China) Lei ddoq ddoq mei
Ndebele (S. Africa) [singular; stay well] Usale kuhle
Ndebele (S. Africa) [plural; stay well] Lisale kuhle
Ndebele (S. Africa) [go well] Uhambe kuhle
Ndebele (S. Africa) [by person leaving] Sala kuhle
Ndebele (S. Africa) Khamaba kuhle
Ndebele (S. Africa) [by person leaving] Salani kuhleke
Ndebele (Southern Africa) Lisale sesihamba
Ndebele (Southern Africa) [see you later] Sizalibona njalo
[Nederlands, see Dutch]
Nenets (Russia) Lakamboi
Nepali (Nepal, Bhutan) Nameste
Newari (India, Nepal) Bai-bai
Nicobarese (Nicobar) Kayengose
Nigerian Pidgin (Nigeria) A go dey see yu now
Nigerian Pidgin (Nigeria) [see you later] A dey see yu lata
Niuean (Niue, South Pacific) To feleveia
Niuean (Niue, South Pacific) [reply-inf.] Ae
Niuean (Niue, South Pacific) [reply-pol.] Fakaaue
Niuean (Niue) [to person leaving - inf.] Fano ti malolo
Niuean (Niue) [to person staying - inf.] Nofo ti malolo
Niuean (Niue) [I'll be back] To lui mai au
Norfolk (Norfolk Is.) [see you tomorrow] Si yorlye morla
Norwegian (Norway) Farvel
Norwegian (Norway) Vi snakkes
Norwegian (Norway) Snakkes
Norwegian [Nynorsk, Bokmaal] (Norway) Adjø
Norwegian [Bokmaal] (Norway) Ha det bra
Norwegian [Bokmaal] (Norway) Ha det
Norwegian [Bokmaal](Norway)[see you later] Ser deg senere
Nubi (Kenya, Uganda) Herago
Nukuoro (Pacific Islands) Danuaa
[Ñähñu, see Hñähñu]

[Occitan, see Provencal]
Ojibwe [Anishinaabe, Chippewa] (N.America) Giga-waabamin
Ojibwe [Anishinaabe, Chippewa] (N.America) Giga-waabamin naagaj
Ojibwe [Anishinaabe, Chippewa] (N.America) Gowamin
Ojibwe [Chippewa] (USA)[to person leaving] Maajaan
Ojibwe [Ojibway] (Manitoba Canada) Ki-ka-wah-pah-min mino
Ojibwe [Ojibway] (Manitoba Canada)[answer] Mee-na-gay
Oriya (India) Bidaya neuchi
Oriya (India) Vidaaya
Ossetian (Georgia) Fenynmæ ual
Ossetian (Georgia) [see you later] Fæstædær fendzystæm
Otetela (Lodja Congo-Kinshasa)[by staying] Otshu la wolo
Otetela (Lodja Congo-Kinshasa)[by leaving] Otshikale la wolo
[Otomí, see Hñähñu]

Paamese (Vanuatu) More
Paamese (Vanuatu) More varei
Paamese (Vanuatu) Ten kosas
Paipai (Southern California USA) Kurtemtka
Paipai (Southern California USA) [reply] 'Kurtemtmchu'ub
Paiwan (Taiwan) Galu i daLan
Palauan (Palau) [by the person leaving] Ak morolung
Palauan (Palau) [lit. come again] Mechikung
Panamahka (Nicaragua) Tala yawah
Papiamentu (Dutch Antilles, Aruba) Ayo
Pashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) De kuday pa aman
Pashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) Paamaha dekha
Pashto (Afghanistan) [see you soon] Sta de zer lidu pe hila
Pashto (Afghanistan) [see you tomorrow] Saba ba sarra wowino
Paugusett (United States) Onenh
Pende (Africa) Menega
[Penobscot, see Abenaki]
[Persian, see Farsi]
Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Michoacán Mexico) Tsé
Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Michoacán Mexico) Na chúsku
Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Michoacán Mexico) Na chúsku na
Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Michoacán Mexico) Nipa ia
Phorhépecha (Mexico) [see you tomorrow] Pauani jamberi
[Pidgin English, see Nigerian Pidgin, Pijin and Tok Pisin]
Pijin (Solomon Islands) Bae-bae
Pijin (Solomon Islands) Okei
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you; to one] Lukim iu
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you; to two] Lukim iutufala
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you to three] Lukim iutrifala
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you; to 4+] Lukim iufala
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you later] Lukim iu bihaen
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [see you tomorrow] Lukim iu tumoro
Pijin (Solomon Islands) [I have to go] Bae mi go nao
Pipil (El Salvador) [by person leaving] Niyawa
Pipil (El Salvador) [answer] Xaawa
Pipil (El Salvador) [by person leaving] Niyawa tel
Pipil (El Salvador) [answer] Xaawa tel
Pitkern (Pitcairn Island) Toby
Plattdeutsch (Germany) Audee
Plattdeutsch (Germany) Lota
[Plautdietsch, see Plattdeutsch]
Pocomchí (Guatemala) [by person leaving] Nel quinoj
Pocomchí (Guatemala) Chawil awi:b'
Pocomchí (Guatemala)[ans to Chawil awi:b'] E:
Pohnpeian (Micronesia) Kaselehlia
Polish (Poland) Do widzenia
Polish (Poland) Do zobaczenia
Polish (Poland) [familiar] Czesc
Polish (Poland) [see you later] Na razie
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) Até a vista
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) Até logo
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) [rare] Adeus
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) [informal] Tchau
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) [see you] Ate mais tarde
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) [see you] Ate breve
Potawatomi (North America) Pama kowbtemin mine'
Potawatomi (North America) Pama mine'
Provencal [Occitan] (France) Adiu
Provencal [Occitan] (France) Adieu-sias
Provencal [Occitan] (France) [formal] Adieussiatz
Provencal [Occitan] (France) A lèu
Provencal [Occitan] (France) A revèire
[Pular, see Fulani]
Punjabi (India) Sat siri akal
Punjabi (India) [see you again] Fir milaan ge
Punjabi (India) [informal] Alweda
Punjabi (India) [used by Sikhs] Rabb raakhaa
Punjabi (India) [used by Sikhs] Wah guru ji ki fateh
Punjabi (India) [used by Hindus] Bandagí
Punjabi (India) [Muslims and Christians] Salám
Punjabi (India) [used by Muslims] Khudaa haafiz
[Purépecha, see Phorhépecha]

[Q'anjob'al, see Kanjobal]
Quechua (Ancash Peru) [see you tomorrow] Warayna
Quechua Ancashino (Ancash Peru) Tsaynam
Quechua Ayacuchano (Ayacucho Peru) Uq ratukama
Quechua Ayacuchano (Ayacucho Peru) Uq kutikama
Quechua Ayacuchano (Ayacucho Peru) Chhikankama
Quechua Ayacuchano (Ayacucho Peru) Tupanancheqkama
Quechua Ayacuchano (Ayacucho Peru) Adiyús
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Juq ratukama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Ratukama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Tinkunanchiskama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Tupananchiskama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Tupanchikkama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Juq punchaukama
Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Hoqp'unchaykama
Quechua (Cuzco Peru) [to person leaving] Kutimuy hatispaqa
Quechua (Cuzco Peru) [farewell] Allinllaña
Quechua (Peru, Bolivia) Wuasleglla
Quiché (Guatemala)[said by person leaving] Quine na
Quiché (Guatemala) Chajij ib la
Quiché (Guatemala) [ans. to Chajij ib la] Jä'ey utz ri'
Quichua (Ecuador) Ricunacushun
Quichua (Ecuador)[until we see each other] Ricunacungacama
Quichua (Ecuador) [see you tomorrow] Cayacaman
Quichua (Ecuador) [see you later] Cayacama
Quichua (Ecuador) [see you later] Ratucama
Quichua (Ecuador) [until another day] Shuc punchacaman

Rapanui (Easter Island) 'Iorana
Rapanui (Easter Island) [see you later] Depue no
Rapanui [old] (formerly: Easter Island) Ko mao a
Rapanui [old] (formerly; Easter Island) Ku mao 'a
[Rarámuri,see Tarahumara]
Rarotongan (South Pacific) 'Aere ra
Romani [Vlax] [Gypsy] [by person leaving] Achen devlesa
Romani [Vlax] [Gypsy] [by person staying] Dzan devlesa
Romani (Russ

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You may have noticed my lack of spam/posts here in these forums lately.

Yeah I first noticed it about 9 months ago, hasn't changed since then.

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English (Northern Scotland) Cheerio

Eh? Northern Scotland only?
How come my English grandad always said 'cheerio' when we went back home?

Maonth: Hej så længe, håber du kommer tilbage på et tidspunkt...

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everything Fod said

Best post ever.

Uh, no.

Fredrik is a god. i love his long swedish penis.

Ralphis still at No.1

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Fodders, you forgotten some of the midlands-english variants on the theme, namely 'Alreet then mate', 'Have a good 'un' and 'Don't do anythin' ah wouldn't do'.

I hear those three *all* the time here... :)

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